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Friday, September 28, 2012

San Francisco police circulated this composite of the Bay Area's "Zodiac" killer, October 21, 1969.   At left is a drawing from witnesses to the slaying of a cab driver in San Francisco.  The amended drawing on the right was based on further questioning of the witnesses.  The suspect is also linked with four other slaying in Napa and Vallejo, Calif. 
Sunset77 Writes:
Hi Lynyrd:I think Brian is going to have Howard Davis, author of "The Zodiac-Manson Connection", on his  Star City Radio Show Sunday night (9/3/12).  Howard Davis' book  focuses on the possibility of Bruce Davis being the Zodiac killer.

I've began looking into this and my personal opinion (so far) is that the chances of Bruce Davis being the Zodiac killer are nearly zero.  The police have fingerprints, a palm print, hair DNA and saliva DNA from the Zodiac.  If any of this matched Bruce Davis, I think the connection would have been made by now.  Also, Bruce Davis had long hair during the period of the Zodiac killings.  His hair can be seen, in one of the Hendrickson documentaries.  He doesn't even remotely resemble the bespectacled, crew cut, police sketchers made from eyewitnesses.

Part of a decent series of vids about Zodiac can be found here:

Not all parts are there, I think some have been removed by YouTube. 

I think Bruce Davis has a parole hearing rescheduled for Oct. 4, 2012. 
(Just a few days away).

Also, thanx for the post about Beyond The Valley of the Dolls, I liked the poster you (or someone else) found. 

If I keep going, you may have to change the name of the "Hall of Fame" to "Sunset Boulevard".  (that's only a joke of course).