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Friday, March 7, 2014

Witold K

"The artist Witold in his studio on August 27, 1969.  A Polish emigre, he was an early police suspect in the Tate murders, and was under a 24 hour guard" -- "Murderpedia" website

Pronounced "Vee-told", Witold Kaczanowski (aka Witold-K) has apparently had a long and successful life as an artist.  I ran across a "word" document that says this:

He "is recognized throughout the world as a painter, sculptor, designer, architect, university lecturer and political activist.  He and his father survived the Nazis and WWII, and his father also saved many Jewish lives. Witold was chosen at the tender age of 25 as the architectural designer and muralist for the Cultural Center in the city of Oswiecim, built near the Auschwitz concentration camp in remembrance of Holocaust victims. In 1964 he smuggled the literary works of dissident Russian and Polish writers into the West, and as a result was banned from his native Poland.

His art spans international shows including the prestigious 1973 retrospective at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, and hangs in galleries around the world. He has had his own portrait painted by Picasso. He has been a long-time friend of film legend and fellow Pole, Roman Polanski.  He has created art for the Aspen Music Festival, the Denver International Film Festival, and the Colorado Symphony.  He has collaborated with renowned physicist Stirling Colgate in seeking a new understanding and expression of the bond between of science and art.  He is the first American artist to have a one-man show at Sotheby's (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2007).  And this is just the beginning............."

A Polish language YouTube vid of  Kaczanowski was uploaded about 2 months ago. click--->Here  Kaczanowski's website can be seen. click--->Here

The "First Tate Homicide Report" says Frykowski invited Kaczanowski to the house at 10050 Cielo Drive on August 8, 1969... twice.  The first time, earlier in the day when they were at Kaczanowski's art gallery, then again later.  At a time estimated around midnight Friday night, Frykowski telephoned Kaczanoski presumably from the Tate house.  Frykowski wanted to know why he wasn't up to the house yet.  Kaczanowski declined the second invitation, as he wanted to work late and remained at the gallery.