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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cats will be interviewing William Garretson tonight.
Time: Sunday, Oct.16 at 8pm EST.
There's a "live chat" option on the site, for folks to communicate during the program. 
Feel free to comment on the program here as well... before, during, and after!
I'm sure Cat's and Brian will ask some great questions!  Visit Cat's at:

I listened to the radio show this evening, and here's my synopsis:

Cat's and Brian did a fabulous job, but unfortunately, it seems Bill Garretson is a bit incoherent.  Beyond being difficult to understand (audibly), he speaks in long "yarns", and seems a tad, shall we say, delusional.  Most of the folks in the "chat room" agreed... Bill's account is implausible, if not outright ridiculous at times.  Here's a few of the main points:

1) Bill first explains (essentially), that he went to California to avoid being drafted.  He then back-pedals, and says "he wanted to see the country he'd be defending... and would have gone to Canada if he was dodging the draft".
2) No Sex with Parent... a "radio sales pitch" ONLY.
3) The phone lines were ALREADY cut when Garretson arrived home!
4) Bill claims no phone calls were placed from his residence that night. (De-bunked by Cats on the spot, by a letter written by Jerry Friedman, who received a call from Steve Parent that night).
5) Bill HEARD "popping noises"... and was angry at Parent... convinced Parent was "throwing firecrackers" OR "making his car backfire".  How do you make a car backfire??
6) He was 'writing letters" and HEARD SCREAMS.
7) He put down what he'd been writing, and "peeked out" and SAW "a man straddled over another".
8) He SAW two women running from the main hoouse.
9) Bill HEARD a woman say "stop, I'm already dead".
10) He "peeked" a second time, and HEARD "heavy breathing" and 'whispering" coming towards his front door.
11) He went "back to writing letters".
12) At one point he says he was "up all night"... at another point, he says "he finished his letters and went to sleep".
13) THEN it gets BIZARRE.  He claims at some point afterwards, three men came to his door (at least one wearing a "pressed suit").  One man was holding a baby, wrapped in a blanket... and the baby had THREE EYES!  Lynyrd shits you not! LOL  It's mental.  Then he back-pedals, and says the "third eye, could have been a birth mark".  One of the men (pointed a gun at him), and asked to use the phone.  Garretson said he was afraid, knowing there was no usable phone in the house.  (There's even inferences... the baby could have been Sharon's).

That about sums it up.  Although Cats and Brian did a fabulous job, and it was all quite entertaining, no real information could be taken from this interview.  It seems Bill has been victimized by the event, and he's not quite coherent.  Substance abuse?  Who knows...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Could Garretson have known Pat? 
Katie believes it's possible...
As most of you probably know, I’m not easily intrigued.  But I have to admit, this is interesting stuff.  Katie was poking-around online, researching William Garretson. 
On… she noticed that one of Pat Krenwinkel’s aliases (on the “alias list”), was “Patty Montgomery”. 
Katie also noticed… William Garretson mentions having known a “Patty Montgomery” on his polygraph test, which was taken/recorded on August 10, 1969... almost immediately after the murders.

Pat Krenwinkel’s Alias “Patricia Montgomery“ found here:

Garretson’s polygraph transcription here:
Katie’s information involves pages 1-10.
“Patty Montgomery” is mentioned on page 6, specifically.


The case about William Garretson has always been puzzling.  Why didn’t he admit to hearing or seeing anything that early morning of August 9, 1969? How could he possibly have not heard what was going on?

His friend, Steve Parent, had just left his house minutes before the 4 shots rang out that took his life.  Only a short while later, a gunshot ripped through Jay Sebring.  Everyone in the main house is screaming.  Minutes later, Voytek Frykowski makes it out the front door with Tex in hot pursuit, tackling him in fine “Texas High School Football” fashion, bashing his head in and stabbing him mercilessly.  Voytek is screaming at the top of his lungs for him to stop.

Simultaneously, Abigail Folger runs out the master bedroom French doors by the pool, screaming her head off, seemingly running toward the guest house, with Pat in hot pursuit.  Pat tackles her, bringing her knife down over and over, and Abigail says “Stop, I’m already dead”.

And yet William Garretson says he heard and saw nothing.

I was looking through the polygraph given to Garretson on August 10, 1969 at Parker Center @ 1625 hours.  In reading through the transcript I came upon a very interesting fact.

Garretson says in his transcribed statement, that sometime in May, 1969, a friend of his named Darrell Kistler moved-in with him.  A Vietnam vet that he knew.  Well Darrell knew 2 girls who came and visited the guest house quite frequently.  One cozied up to William. Her name was Debbie Tidwell.  When Garretson was asked what the other girl’s name was, he was kind of hesitant, and finally said “Patty something.  I'm not sure.  I think it's Montgomery or something like that. Patricia Krenwinkel used the alias “Patricia Montgomery”.  Now it all makes perfect sense.

Garretson says that he kicked Darrell out in June of 1969, and he didn’t see the girls anymore after that.

Patricia Krenwinkel has stated that when she was stabbing Abigail on the lawn, she knew she was losing, so she called Tex over to help.  Tex took-over stabbing Abigail, and told Pat to go to the guest house and “kill anyone who is there”.  Pat says she ran to the Guest House, and in her parole hearing, said “this madness has to stop”.  Then she ran back to Tex and said no one is in the Guest House.

This makes perfect sense now.  Pat knew Garretson and didn’t want to kill him.  That’s why she told Tex no one was there.  Garretson knew Pat.  That’s why he was so scared to say anything.  I think he just wanted to be done with it all and forget it ever happened.  Maybe he just didn’t want to admit that he knew her, that it might implicate him in some way.  Therefore, he claims he never saw or heard anything.

He later admitted that he saw and heard, but he never mentions that he knew Pat.

I think he did know her...  and I think that’s why he’s still alive.  I think he knows that too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


William Garretson, once the young caretaker at Cielo Drive... indicated in a program broadcast in July 1999 on E!, that he had, in fact, seen and heard a portion of the Tate murders from his location in the property’s guest house. 

This comported with the unofficial results of the polygraph examination that had been given to Garretson on August 10, 1969, and that had effectively eliminated him as a suspect.
The LAPD officer who conducted the examination had concluded Garretson was "clean" on participation in the crimes but "muddy" as to his having heard anything. Garretson did not explain why he had withheld his knowledge of the events.