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Thursday, January 5, 2012

William Cywin Arrest
On November 18, 1982, Leslie Van Houten married William D. Cywin.  Cywin, known as Bill to his friends and family, was a parolee.  He was 30 years old, and one day started writing to Van Houten.  He had done time before he met her, several times in fact, for grand theft auto and drug charges.  He was a cocaine user and smoked pot regularly.  All this was no secret to Van Houten.

Here is a report done by CDC officials at CIW about his arrest: 

August 16, 1983

By: Acting Lieutenant Investigator Gwendolyn Glenn
RE: Van Houten, Leslie CDC # W-13378


On March 25th, 1982, Mr. Bill Cywin, husband to our Inmate Van Houten, Leslie, was arrested, detained at the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office in Ontario, and waiting for transport to the San Bernardino County Jail.

Mr. Cywin was found in possession of a stolen automobile, Corvette, with a vehicle registration number that was registered to a Herb Garret.

A search of Cywin's residence produced the following contraband: one small quantity of cocaine and marijuana, that was presumed to be for personal use.

Two, a California Department of Corrections CDC shirt, complete with a CDC batch and three, a dress, jumper style, the color of green, that is used by CDC uniforms. The jumper resembled the type used by pregnant female officers.

Mr. Cywin was charged with Penal Code Section 496, receiving or concealing stolen property, felony.

Mr. Cywin's parole agent had been informed, and placed a parole hold on Mr. Cywin.

It is to be noted that Mr. Cywin had personally delivered a letter to the institution, the letter addressed from an attorney, requesting arrangements for visiting approval for a doctor of psychiatry to interview Van Houten at CIW on March 28th, 1982.  (Webmaster Note; that's three days after the arrest)

This interview was scheduled to take place prior to Van Houten's Board of Prison Terms lifer hearing. This institution acknowledged that a letter had been received.

Mr. Cywin placed a call to CIW, requesting information on custody and classification procedure concerning Van Houten.

Full Story Here:
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