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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunset 77 shares more of his tour of West Virginia

Get On Home

I saw a YouTube video where Charles Manson mentioned 3 small West Virginia towns all located in the northern panhandle of WV.  I'm guessing it's been 50 years since Charles Manson has been anywhere near WV, I'm surprised he even remembers the place.  When I went to Moundsville, I stopped in a convenience store and asked directions to the old prison, the woman said, "go down here to the first stoplight, turn left, it's seven blocks".   On my trip to McMechen I stopped in the exact same convenience store and the exact same woman told me, "go down here to the first stoplight, turn right, it's about 5 miles you can't miss it". 


There are no "tour guides" in McMechen, basically all I have is some random pix of the town.  I have no idea which house or which street Charles Manson may have lived on, it was a beautiful sunny day at that time and I wasn't going to ask random people on the street about Charles Manson. 
This is the Methodist Church across the street from the post office.

 There is a new high school just on the southern edge of McMechen.  This one is on the northern edge and might have been there in the time of Charles Manson.

The Ohio River flows along the western border of the northern panhandle of WV, separating Ohio from WV.  There is a 4-lane highway that splits McMechen into an eastern and western part, I took this pic in the western part, that's the state of Ohio across the river.

This is another view of the Ohio River looking towards the town of Wheeling WV.  McMechen was larger than I expected it to be, I'd guess there were around 500 houses, some were old but they were not dilapidated.  The yards all looked to be well maintained.  I would have never guessed a connection to Charles Manson.

My dumbass neighbor's "accu-weather" forecast for that day was "its gonna be sunny and 80 degrees, you won't even need a jacket."  On my way home as I slogged through pouring rain and 50 degree temperatures I was glad I had my full face helmet and leather jacket.