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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tom G Says... "Let's Play Fantasy Parole"!!
Often on these Manson blogs, posters discuss/debate whether certain Manson members should ever be paroled.  Maybe we could take it to the next level..... FANTASY PAROLE.
What do you think would most likely have happened had these Manson Family members been paroled?
If by some miracle, let's pretend that each family member is paroled around 1989-2000. What would they most likely do with their second chance in life?
Charles Manson, Charles Watson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, Bruce Davis, Bobby Beausoleil.......... Who would end up in prsion again and who would learn from their past to make the most at another chance at life?
I have my opinions on all of them.  Remember, Nancy Pitman, Catherine Share, Mary Brunner, Steve Grogan were all released from prison and apparently got on with their lives. You can throw Sandy and Squeaky into that mix.  
Tom's Predictions
Charles Manson- Would be scooped up within a week or two for parole violations. Charlie was never a rules guy. He would learn that maybe they didn't take fraternizing with minors too seriously in the 60's. In the 90's, they took it very seriously. This fellow was meant for prison and prison was meant for him.

Charles "Tex" Watson- Would return to his small Texas town and become pastor of a church. It would be one of these non-denominational, unaffiliated churches, if you will. He would trade off on his notoriety. The congregants would consist of ex-cons and recovering drug addicts. Tex would divorce his prison bride. He would remarry and divorce. He would marry again and divorce. But he would stay out of trouble, for the most part. He'd be happy tooling around town in a humongous F-350, sporting a white cowboy hat. None of his children would look alike. The church people would have fun guessing which child belonged to which mother.

Susan Atkins- found Jesus in a big way in prison. Would become a popular guest on that 700 Club, Hour of Power circuit. A much sought after speaker for Christian revivals.
The problem would be this; You can take Satan out of Susie, but you can't take Susie out of Susie. Would soon become involved in one of these salacious church sex scandals. Allegations would swirl that Susan Atkins was sleeping with men (plural) not her husband. She would deny it all in front of the cameras once again, being mouthy and defiant, flashing thigh and breast for the photographers. But her Christian star would fade and not being the center of attention, would lose interest in it and become a Scientologist. Any place where she can be the Queen Bee.

Leslie Van Houten- would be the darling of the Hollywood Cause Celebre Soon would marry a television star, someone out in leftfield, like Charlie Sheen. The two of them would be courtside at Lakers games, behind the dugout at Dodgers Stadium, ( which is only a couple of miles from Waverly Dr, by the way). But that marriage would fail and Lulu would hitch up with somebody else freaky.....somebody like Slash of Guns and Roses. Many domestic disputes. She becomes a favorite of the Paparazzi. Videos on Youtube of Leslie coming out of a Starbucks, swing her handbag at a Paparazzi. She stays out of jail, but her life is messy.

Patricia Krenwinkel- returns to Alabama and gets a job working in an Arts and Crafts store. Never marries, but lives quietly in a small apartment with her dog. Attends NA meetings, but over the years, has a relapse or two. This time around, she is mature enough to control it. Is a model employee at the Arts and Crafts store and it becomes a must for Mansonites to make a pilgrimage to Alabama once in a lifetime to buy a knick knack from Big Patty.

Bruce Davis- would drop off the face of the earth. Even his parole officer had no idea where he was. But then Eviliz would find some pictures of him on photobucket and the Where is Bruce chatter would start anew.

Bobby Beausoleil- marries a fine lady, lives an exemplary life and has modest success in the fields of music and entertainment. Also becomes a social activist and speaks very eloquently on the subject of prison reform.  Thanks Tom!!  Great Job!!