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Friday, July 6, 2018

"The Ultimate Evil" is Finally Put to Rest

With DNA solving the murder of Arliss Perry we can finally throw out all our copies of the late Maury Terry’s Ultimate Evil which tried to connect Charles Manson and the Son of Sam Murders as some kind of East-West Satanic Cult. Maybe there’s hope for us yet that some new Manson info might emerge....

Suspect in 1974 California church murder appears to kill self
Steve Crawford and Arlis Perry

Steve Crawford, 72, apparently killed himself as authorities knocked on his door to serve a search warrant for the murder of 19-year-old Arlis Perry.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A man linked by DNA to a 1974 ritualistic church killing on the Stanford University campus apparently killed himself Thursday after detectives knocked on his door to serve a search warrant, authorities said.

Steve Crawford, 72, died in his apartment, authorities said.

Crawford was a security guard who claimed to have found the body of 19-year-old Arlis Perry inside the Stanford Memorial Church, a chapel on the university campus, in October 1974. Perry had fought with her new husband and had come to the church at night to pray, KPIX-TV reported.

Perry was found with an icepick in the back of her head and was naked below the waist. She had been molested with a 3-foot altar candle and another candle had been placed between her breasts, investigators reported.

"Crawford had been a person of interest since the beginning of the investigation," Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said. "Our detectives continued to piece together additional information to this tragic puzzle and we were able recently to link Crawford's DNA to the crime scene."

Police and sheriff's deputies went to Crawford's apartment Thursday morning to serve a search warrant.

Deputies talked to the resident through the closed front door but when they entered the apartment, they saw a man with a handgun and immediately backed away, a San Jose Police Department statement said.

"A short time later a gunshot was heard," the statement said.

When deputies re-entered the apartment they found the man dead, police said.

Friday, March 29, 2013

"The Ultimate Evil" Revisited by Starship

I have finally read in its entirety the hardcover version of Maury Terry’s THE ULTIMATE EVIL from 1987 and the relevant updates from the 1989 paperback.

Matt Prokes had recently posted about this and quoted extensively about the various alleged Manson connections.  I had very low expectations for this book, thinking that Terry was basically a loon in the mold of Mae Brussels. But it really is true that one should withhold judgment about any work until actually reading the work in question.

It is fairly well written and is a very interesting read. It makes a compelling case toward proving that the Son of Sam murders were indeed a conspiracy, that David Berkowitz was not the lone gunman and that the police and some of the DAs, once they had their suspect, decided to end their investigations quickly. Such was the mood from the fear created by the .44 killings.

Terry’s wider premise is that this conspiracy is related to the Process Church of the Final Judgment or, at the least, a satanic cult offshoot of it, and that this conspiracy is also responsible for the Manson Murders in 1969, the ritual murder of Arlis Perry at Stanford in 1974, and the rape and murders of at least three Long Island girls in the mid-1980s.

As stated above, Terry’s research including witness statements and acknowledged sources have indeed ‘proven’ that Berkowitz did not and could not have acted alone in all of the .44 attacks.  A job well done!  And although it is very interesting to consider the case he tries to make that a nation-wide, indeed a world-wide satanic conspiracy is responsible for all of the murders above and more, and probably is still active today, is where he falls short.

The key for Terry to connect all this is to prove the existence of the mysterious figure who we’ve come to know as Manson II. I was under the impression that the name Manson II was coined by Terry himself. I was wrong: it was David Berkowitz who brought that name to light, claiming that he was an occult superstar assassin who was once associated with Charles Manson and that he was sent to New York to participate in the Son of Sam attacks, that he perpetrated one of the attacks and assisted in the videotaping of the last attack. Further, while he was in New York, Manson II claimed that he had committed the Arlis Perry murder at Stanford.

Adam GoRightly of all people has this to say on the subject, from his book DEATH CULTS:

In The Ultimate Evil, author Maury Terry contended that the Son of Sam killer, David Berkowitz, was a member of “The Children”, a satanic cult based out of Venice, California, with links to the military and intelligence establishments. According to Terry, “The Children” is a splinter group of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, which--although officially disbanded some 30 years ago--continues to operate secretly in six major U.S. cities. Terry claims that The Process has changed its name many times, along the way accumulating millions of dollars in real estate holdings, and operates from a “remote enclave” in New York. According to Terry, Berkowitz--though admittedly involved in some of the Son of Sam murders--was set up as a fall guy by the “The Children” for the entire series of murders, much is the same manner that Charles Manson may have been similarly manipulated in the Tate-LaBianca murders. In his treatise, Terry accused The Process Church of Hitler worship, animal sacrifice, drug running, kiddie porn, murder, and complicity in Son of Sam. Process apologists argue that Terry took Process founder Robert DeGrimston's symbolic teachings too literally, and that The Ultimate Evil suffers from poor logic and dubious sources, and is littered with “red herrings”. From these sources--among them, Berkowitz himself--Terry learned that one Son of Sam murder was videotaped, and that the cameraman, Ronald Sisman, was subsequently murdered by cult members when they went to recover the Son of Sam snuff film. Terry pinned this murder on a mysterious figure dubbed Manson II, whom he later identified as William Mentzer, an “occult superstar” and hit man who moved through the same late 1960’s milieu of sex, drugs and porn as Manson, and who had been intimate with Tate-LaBianca murder victim, Abigail Folger. Terry quoted his source on Mentzer/Manson II as “someone in the intelligence community.”

This is where it gets dicey. Terry has an unnamed source who he calls 'reliable' who claims that in September 1967 he had dinner with Manson, Abigail Folger, Shorty Shea, and another person in a San Francisco seafood restaurant. This same source also claims that Manson and Shorty were so tight that they even traveled together on a road trip to visit a commune in Seattle. Something rather credibly debunked here recently in a response to Matt Prokes's posts.

So does this sound funny to you?  Does to me.

Much is made also regarding cult connections because of Abigail Folger contributing $10,000 to the Straight Theatre in San Francisco where Bobby Beausoleil played with the Magick Powerhouse (Aleister Crowley spelling) and Beausoleil’s association with Kenneth Anger and the film LUCIFER RISING.

SO, does all of this prove anything?  I think not. Perhaps it is all coincidence. To me it would go a long way if William Mentzer could be proven to be Manson II. For this to happen, an association with our Manson needs to be made. I have not been able to come up with anything solid on this. Any news or relevant leads would be welcome.

A word about coincidence: My God I hate coincidences, and am always suspicious when they occur. However Stephen King has made some good points about them, causing me to reluctantly have to consider that sometimes some things do indeed happen inexplicably and converge:

"The chain of events seems outrageous, but let me tell you a story. This happened a couple of weeks ago in the Midwest. This guy won the lottery, he won a million dollars or something on the lottery. Maybe it was multimillions. But you know how it is, it’s a great human interest story. So the press comes and this film crew from one of the local stations says to him, “We want to recreate you winning the lottery.”

Q:  You know where this is going, right?

A:  I’m not sure.

Q:  Bear with me. So they went to the store where he had bought the scratch ticket and won the million dollars. And they filmed, and he scratched the ticket and he said, “Holy — I just won another $100,000.” Now, that’s the sort of thing where if you’re not there, if you’re not part of it, you just say to yourself, “This is just absurd.” But it happens all the time..  And yet you don’t really believe in coincidences, do you?

A:  Yes, I do...The book I wrote (11/22/63)...The coincidences are minimized by this idea that the past tries to echo itself over and over again. But it’s not fate when somebody wins the lottery. Some guy picks numbers, or the computer picks numbers, and those numbers come up. You know? It’s a coincidental world."

Further, the three men convicted of the Lynbrook, Long Island murders were actually released from prison after DNA testing found them ‘innocent', thus rendering the cases of the three Long Island girls as unsolved.

Another interesting note is that William Mentzer was convicted of the murder of Roy Radin-rumored to be the head of the Son of Sam Cult-in the Cotton Club murder of 1983. LASO detective Charles Guenther is associated with this case as well as the Tate-LaBianca cases.

Finally, in an attempt to gain another perspective, I contacted an author of a Manson related fictional work I admire to ask if he thought any of this credible. I do not want to mention his name because I did not ask for nor did he offer me his permission to publish his comments, but he was not at all familiar with any of this, so there goes that. As for Maury Terry, no one seems to have heard from him for a while. I wish he would come out though because it seems that he could begin a whole new connection to this what with the Gilgo Beach murders and the Smiley Face murders (if that's what they are) still unsolved.


William Mentzer:

Missing Long Island girls:

Roy Radin:

Arlis Perry:

Smiley Face Murders?:

Gilgo Beach:

Stephen King interview:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I received an anonymous email this morning.  The gentleman writes in regards to an individual, who was included in Maury Terry's book.  

As I've said in the past... I've never read Terry's book myself.  Consequently, I don't recognize the name.  But for those familiar with the book, he writes:

"My longtime friend, Phil Falcon, has died recently.  He was featured in chapter 13 of  'The Ultimate Evil'.  He was in no way a satanist, as I have known him".

Our sincere condolensces to Mr. Falcon's friends and family.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ultimate Evil Part 2: Manson, Folger... and Shea?

In part one of this topic, I shared a link to Maury Terry's original paperback.  In part 2, I'm covering information from the updated edition (not included in the original paperback).

After a little searching online, I found some excerpts that pertain directly to the TLB murders.  Maury Terry asserts that (in 1967) Charles Manson, Abigail Folger and Shorty Shea(!) had dinner together at a seafood restaurant in California.

IF this is true, it would put a new spin on later events.  However, when dealing with such assertions, we must question the credibility of sources.  All Terry's book offers, is that his source "knew both Folger and Manson".  Pretty vague huh?

Looking for answers, I tried contacting Maury Terry himself.  After pursuing a few avenues, I realized it would be easier to find Brooks Posten or Santa Claus.  Next, I contacted the author of another Manson book (who reseached this incident for his own book).  I asked him for his gut reaction. to Terry's research.

His response: "I don't know if Terry had it ALL right, but I think he was certainly right on to SOME things...."

Someone on this blog asserted that Sandra Good was the source for this story.... was it Beauders? Whoever it was, I'd be interested in hearing how you came to that conclusion.  Anyway... here are the excerpts... you guys can share your own opinions/conclusions.


Vincent Bugliosi suspected Manson had contact with the Process in San Francisco. But the prosecution didn't pursue that suspicion. Similarly, the district attorney's office said it sought but was unable to find a link between Manson and a Cielo Drive victim, which would have significantly altered the perception of the case. But we learned that Charlie and Abigail Folger were friends for a time in San Francisco and that Manson hooked up with the Process there as well.

The Folger information comes from a reliable informant who knew both Folger and Manson. The source said he had dinner one night in September 1967 with Manson, Folger and two other individuals at a small seafood restaurant near Golden Gate Park, not far from the Haight. One of the others at the table was an aspiring actor and stuntman named Donald (Shorty) Shea. He later headed south to Los Angeles and found work at the Spahn movie ranch. Shorty Shea was murdered by the Family in the fallout from the Tate-La Bianca slayings, allegedly because he knew too much.

He indeed did. Unknown by the police and prosecution, Shea had known Manson and Folger in San Francisco two years before the murders and actually went down to L.A. in Manson's company, according to the source. This revelation also seriously impacts the case. Two people seated in that seafood restaurant that night in 1967 were later murdered on the instructions of a third.

Ed Sanders had heard that Manson attended a fund-raising event in San Francisco that was chaired by Abigail Folger's mother. He also knew that in 1967 Manson met disciple Mary Brunner at the University of California, Berkeley, where Brunner worked in the library and Folger at the university's art museum. And he had received information that Manson met Folger at Mama Cass's home. But Sanders wasn't able to flesh out the Folger connection. We were.

"Gibby had more money than she knew what to do with," the source states. "She was into finding herself and new directions, and she was always investing in things, including a surfboard shop in Encinitas [near San Diego]. And not long before the murders, about six weeks, she got involved in putting up some cash for a small recording studio. It's possible that Terry Melcher, who knew Manson well, had a link into that studio." This was another twist; Melcher wasn't believed to have been associated with Folger, but the source says he might have been.

"That night in San Francisco, she loaned ten grand to a small theater," the informant continues. "And she had also given money to Charlie from time to time." But then she stopped. "Manson turned against her when she refused to lay out any more bucks for him, and also because she wouldn't come across for him sexually. Charlie wanted to make it with her, but she shot him down." So Charles Manson, who would soon orchestrate orgies and command sex at will from his young followers, was spurned by Abigail Folger. Add another item to Charlie's own list of reasons for willingness to oversee butchery on Cielo Drive. "It made sense that Shea was killed after that," the contact says. "He knew both of them, and he could tie things together that nobody wanted tied."

And what about the relationship between Manson and the doomed Shorty Shea? "They knew each other well enough in San Francisco to travel up to Seattle together to visit a commune started there by Brother Love Israel," said the informant, who dined with them. "They were tight long before the Spahn ranch and the murders." Authorities had placed Manson in Seattle, but they apparently didn't know why he was there—or whom he was with.

The full page of excerpts can be found here:

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry- Part 1

For a long time now, I've been wanting to do a post on Maury Terry's book "The Ultimate Evil".  The problem has been, how to go about it.  If I tried to tackle all the information that relates to the Manson family in one post, it would take up a ton of space, and get me more confused than I usually am.  So what I've decided to do, is break things down into 2 or 3 posts, and delve into each subject seperately.

I tried to find a .pdf file of the updated book, but all I could find was the original paperback, which still has information on Bill Mentzers relationship to Manson via The Process Church of Final Judgement.

More than that, it's a great True Crime book that pretty much proves that David Berkowitz didn't act alone in the Son of Sam murders.
Here is the pdf file for the original paperback:

As an extra, I uploaded an A&E Investgative Reports Documentary about the case to my other YouTube Channel.  I don't think there's any Manson information in the Documentary, but it's pretty interesting anyway...