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Thursday, February 26, 2015


There seems to be a lot of confusion over just who was in charge of the Family.  Everyone seems to have a different opinion on who was ordering who around, and what was the REAL reason for the murders. 

Now’s your chance to divulge who you think was in charge.  Let's look at the perps involved:
Charles Denton Watson, a/k/a Tex, Charles Montgomery, Mad Charlie.  Born and raised in Copeville, Texas.  Star athlete, stole some typewriters, worked for Braniff Airlines, flew to California and stayed there, worked at a wig shop, smoked a lot of dope, acted goofy, hitched a ride with Dennis Wilson, joined the family, led the killings August 9th & 10th.

Outstanding characteristics:  Had a secret stash of speed that Charlie didn’t know about, had a penchant for doing stupid things, and was sexually confused.
Susan Denise Atkins, a/k/a Sadie Mae Glutz, Sexy Sadie, Donna Kay Powell, Sharon King.  Born in San Gabriel, California, parents were alcoholics, mother died when she was still a teen, dropped out of school, moved to San Francisco and worked as a stripper, took  up with Anton LaVey, and later met Charles Manson, gave the family the clap, helped kill Gary Hinman, participated in the Cielo Drive murders, took a dump outside Nader’s apartment building, got everyone arrested because she had a big mouth.

Outstanding characteristics:  She too partook of the baby food jar speed.  She lied all the time, but she single-handedly brought the Manson Family to its knees.
Patricia Diane Krenwinkel, a/k/a Katie, Big Patty, Marnie Reeves, Mary Ann Scott, Cathran Patricia Smith, Patty Montgomery.  Born in Los Angeles, parents divorced, worked for an insurance company, met Manson, left her last paycheck, stole her Daddy's gas credit card and used it, cared for children, participated in the TLB murders.

Outstanding characteristics:  She carried her brain in a lunch box.  She was really hairy.
Leslie Louise Van Houten, a/k/a Lulu, Leslie Marie Sankston, Leslie Sue, Leslie Owens.  Born in Los Angeles, California, father was an auctioneer, mother was a teacher, parents adopted 2 Korean kids, High School princess, got knocked up and got abortion, got on drugs, hooked up with the Manson family thru Gypsy & Bobby, participated in LaBianca murders, only stabbed a dead lady 16 times.

Outstanding characteristics:  She attracted lots of men with her Horse teeth.
Linda Drouin Kasabian, a/k/a Linda Christian, Yana the Witch, Linda Chiochios.  Born in Biddeford, Maine.  Became a hippy, got married a lot, got knocked up a lot, joined the Manson family thru Gypsy, stole $5,000 from a hapless guy that was too scared of Charlie to get it back, was the “lookout” at the Cielo Drive murders, threw away the weapons and clothes, told Charlie the next night where Nader lived, but that she couldn’t “kill like he does”, ran away, was the State’s star witness against the others, after all the trials had lots of kids and got them on drugs.

Outstanding characteristics:  “oh, but she’s too sweet to be a killer because she has pigtails!!”
Charles “No Name” Maddox, a/k/a Charles Milles Manson, Charles Maddox, the Wizard, God, JC, Soul, the Devil.  Born in Cincinnati, Ohio to 16 year old Kathleen Maddox, was passed around to different family members and spent time in boy’s homes, jails and prisons, paroled from Terminal Island in 1967, moved to the Haight and started gathering young girls to start his family, told people they couldn’t wear glasses or watches, tried to get a musical career going, threw knives at people, molested young girls, asked people to die for him, decided that the Beatles liked him, shot Bernard Crowe, was convinced that Gary Hinman had money and he deserved it, got pissed off in general and people died, helped kill Shorty Shea, arrested in October 1969 for the last time, orchestrated the shenanigans at the trial.

Outstanding characteristics:  He can have fun sometimes. Also he can make smoke come out of his ears and he can hear a dog whistle.


Photos submitted by Gary Stewart. Thank You Gary.