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Friday, March 6, 2015

Well, let's get to the 2nd night of murder.

There is no one on this planet, other than Manson (I'm talking about TLB enthusiasts, people who come out of the woodwork to write books,  or even the killers) who knows why the LaBiancas were chosen to be slaughtered. 
We can theorize, guess or just make stuff up.  But none of us really knows why he chose them.

And choose them he did.

Now I won't waste everyone's time in going into Charlie's aimless driving that went on for hours, then Charlie suddenly knowing exactly where he was going, according to the assailants in the car, which was around 2:00am, which is when the LaBiancas finally got home.

Nor will I go into the sordidity of the LaBianca's history.  We all know that Leno was a gambler, he skimmed money, and he was deeply in debt.  He bought racehorses that no one seemed to know about.  

We also know that Rosemary was a "bi", had lots of affairs and fought a lot with her daughter.  But does this make them targets for murder?

We know that The LaBiancas were living in and making payments on Leno's ancestral home, and they were also making payments on a trailer-mounted motor boat, which he stored at his mother's house.  I emphasize "making payments" because that indicates to me that they didn't have a lot of capital, only credit.

There are those who believe that Rosemary had $2,000,000, due to the fact that she was a drug dealer.  This was reported in the paper I believe.  This is where I kinda fade out.  There is no proof anywhere, in police reports or witness statements that Rosemary was a drug dealer.  Whether or not she had $2,000,000 I have no idea.  I'd love to see their 1968 tax returns.

She did, after all, have 2 jobs:  she co-owned a dress shop and she was a Real Estate agent.  I can't imagine a drug dealer working 2 jobs.  

Some people like to say that because Tex sold wigs, that he knew Rosemary and Jay.  

But Rosemary and Jay didn't sell wigs that I know of.  It's kinda like saying since they all chewed Doublemint gum they had to have known each other.

But that's just me....

Anyway, we not only have the question of why did Charlie choose them, but who tied Leno up, was Rosemary tied up, why didn't the dogs bark, how did Charlie get in, etc?

And, like the Cielo Drive murders, there are lots of unanswered questions.  Was there a little black book, and if so, what happened to it.  Did someone come back after the murders and "move things", much like Cielo Drive?  And if so, who?

More questions:  Why did Suzanne LaBerge try to get Tex out of prison?  How did Charlie know when the LaBiancas got home?  

And the question that really bothers me is this:  why did he choose Leslie Van Houten?  Tex & Pat are gimmes.  He knew they were killing machines.  But why Leslie?  Is it because she looked excited to go?  Or is it because she liked Bobby better?  I would think that Charlie, being a con man for years, would be able to read people.  Heck, he chose Leslie over Susan, whom he knew was not adverse to killing...she was there at Hinman's killing and at Cielo Drive.

Okay....let's discuss!

I added the Phone Interview with Harold True that was previously on LSB3!