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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Online Book - "The Manson Myth"
Authored by J. Howie Harrison
“I didn’t do what they say I did. I know what I did. God knows what I did.
And what makes me so mad about it is that I don’t have any god damn
thought in that circle at all. That’s not me. I’m not this fucking clown
that you guys play-acted in this god damn Helter Skelter shit.”
Charles Manson
 Table of Contents:
Page 2: Preface
Page 5: What is Helter Skelter?
Page 9: Why Helter Skelter Doesn’t Fit
Page 23: The Drug Connection
Page 36: Who is Charles Watson?
Page 71: False Witness
     Paul Watkins & Brooks Poston Page 72
     Danny DeCarlo Page 86
     Diane “Snake” Lake Page 97
     Ronnie Howard & Virginia Graham Page 101
     Linda Kasabian Page 105
     Barbara Hoyt Page 117
Page 127: Demystifying Susan Atkins
Page 140: Stupid Cupid
Page 162: Bruce McGregor Davis
Page 182: The Bug
Page 195: The Real Race War
Page 207: This Holy Swastika
Page 225: Charles Will Is Man’s Son
Page 238: The Dictator
Page 263: Krishna Venta
Page 277: My Interpretation
Page 290: Words
Page 311: Why Charles Manson is Entitled to a New Trial
Page 315: Charles Manson’s Rap Sheet
Page 319: Playacting with Lies
Page 326: Epilogue
Page 333: Sources

I haven't read this book yet, but from a quick glance, it's seems safe to assume, that it's a Manson-sympathetic work.

Matt Prokes said:
"I'm not even talking about the rule of law.
If you go by that then Mansons guilty since he was convicted and put in prison.
I'm talking about your own sense of what is right and wrong.
Just because something is a law doesnt automatically make it morally right.
Should Manson serve as much time(or more) as the others even though he did'nt actually kill anyone?
I'm just curious about peoples opinions.
I'm of the mind that Manson should do time but not as much time as the actual killers.
I think somewhere along the way he became a symbol instead of a person and thats the main reason hes still locked way.
Also hes nuttier than a fruitcake..that might have something to do with it as well".

Lynyrd Replies:

There's a million variables here... but in very general terms, I agree with some of what you're saying... not all, but some.

I do agree, that somewhere along the way, Manson did become a symbol instead of a person.

I also believe, that (all things being equal) the person who plunges the actual knife into flesh, is arguably "more guilty" than the conspirator.  One could make a pretty good case for that mindset... and, I might agree in some instances.

Here's a few obstacles to my sympathies towards Manson however:

Bear in mind, that Manson has had a heavy hand, in making himself a political prisoner and desensitizing folks to his humanity.  There's no doubt that Manson has had lots of help from the media (regarding his image), but he also painted himself into that corner.

Let's face it...
Manson has acted like a fool, from day one.  He has sold himself as a symbol, to the public.  Manson wants to be viewed as a rebel, an outlaw, a mystic, etc.

Watch all the interview footage.  Compared to Manson... Pat, Leslie, Bruce and Bobby have sold totally different images (of themselves) over the years.  They've conducted themselves much differently, than Manson.

Fact is...
You can't MAKE someone act like a fool, no matter how many books you write about them, or how you portray them in court.

Manson hasn't waited patiently and obediently for release like Bruce Davis, Boeusoleil, and Van Houten.  Manson hasn't used his time productively.  Manson wants to be viewed as defiant.

It all started at the trial.
If Manson had simply sat at the trial like a deaf-mute, and instructed his "family" to do the same... Bugliosi's story would have come across to the jury, like a completely bizarre tale.
Bugliosi would have looked like a fool.

Instead, Manson behaved exactly as Bugliosi described him.
Manson WAS the person, Bugliosi had painted... a crazy, bizarre, defiant, leader.
(Which kinda makes one wonder, how far off Bugliosi's assessment actually was).

Manson sealed Bugliosi's case, and his own fate.

As for the conspirator versus perpetrator concept... as I said, I agree at face value.
At face value, it would certainly seem that a perpetrator would be "more guilty" than a conspirator.

But the question becomes:
How "guilty" must a person be, to spend his life in prison?
How much is one life worth?
Manson was linked (legally) to nine murders... nine.

Was Manson "as guilty" as Tex?  No.
Was he "guilty enough" to earn "life with the possibility of parole"?  Yes.

But in Manson's case, our answers to these questions, don't really matter now.
It doesn't matter, because Manson is currently in a position where he must earn parole, and by no one's standards, has he done so.

My two cents...

I really DO like Manson on some levels.  I don't think he's the worst criminal, to ever walk the earth.  But, I do believe that he earned his sentence of "life with the possibility of parole"... and, I don't believe that he's demonstrated suitability for parole.

I wish Manson the best in the here-after, and I sympathize with his rough up-bringing.
It's a sad story, all the way around.  There are no winners here.  No one wins... the victims, the murderers, the conspirators, or the public.  But, at the end of the day... I believe Manson is right where he belongs.

Why?  Well... that's another 12 pages, and I'm too tired right now. LOL

Weigh-In Folks!!