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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Venus reviews "The Girl" by Samantha Geimer

Recently I read this book and really enjoyed it. It was written in the style that made it seem as if she was sitting next to you and telling it directly to you. I love books like that.

If you've ever had any questions about the events of that period when Roman Polanski arranged to photograph a young teenager, you'll find the answers here. Samantha Geimer tells all. The book is her autobiography... her life before, during and after this case, that completely changed the lives of all who were involved.

I was impressed by her dry sense of humor, there were moments when I found myself laughing, especially when she described a movie called "The Hurricane" (which Roman was briefly involved with).  She summed it up quite well, basically saying it was a film about a lot of rain. I don't remember her exact comment, sorry.

She apparently did have a chance at a Hollywood career, stating that she'd had several callbacks for the film "Freaky Friday." The role eventually went to Jodie Foster.

Many people have wondered how she could've posed topless for him. She didn't like doing it, but compared herself to peers such as Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster.  They were doing similar things so she figured it was ok. She said she just looked at it as a job and nothing else.

People have criticized her mom since her mom didn't go with her that day. Here's the reason: Brooke Shields' mom Teri got a lot of bad press for being such a stage mother so Samantha's mom stayed away. Plus, a friend was supposed to go with her, but changed her mind at the last minute.

She wasn't impressed with Roman at all, she thought he was her size and said he looked like "a ferret." When he gave her the pill and champagne, she said she was playacting and tried to be like a "Cosmo" girl. When things started getting more intimate, she said she was still just trying to get through it by trying to be like Marilyn Monroe. She wondered what Marilyn would do.  She didn't think his intention was to hurt her even though he did.

She said she was never a fan of his films except that, at the time of this incident, her favorite film was "Fearless Vampire Killers." She said she didn't connect him with the film.

This book really captured the mood of the era.

There are photos in it from that night. If you're looking for any topless ones, don't waste your time. Here are a couple photos that Roman took. Does she look happy? To me, she looks very nervous and uncertain.
For anyone who thinks she looked like an adult, you're wrong. While she wasn't a child, she was nowhere near being an adult.

The book also features correspondence from the lawyer(s) and she talks about the apology she got from Roman.

To me, the apology became a moot point when you also read (at other points) that Roman said he "was used to grief" and considered this "was a trifle." Really? A trifle?????

Here's what Roman looked like during this time.
Venus puts in her two cents:

I'm slightly older than Samantha. I remember this case. I was (and still am) appalled by it. One thing that really upsets me is when people say she'd already had sex. So what?????? If we follow that logic, does that mean a married woman can't be raped? What about a prostitute? If someone says no, that should be the end of it. Roman seemed to think he had no problem getting sexual partners so he should've just moved on. What was his reasoning? Was it the appeal of the unattainable? Was it a novelty? Was it just his attitude? I don't care if things are different in Europe. I don't care about her past sexual experience. She told him no. Period.

Now, since I'm in her age group, I also remember wanting to be treated like an adult. I can remember getting dressed up and pretending that my photo was being taken (not by him, just by "someone") It was all pretend. And, no, these weren't sexy pictures. I just liked to try out different clothes, makeup and hairstyles.

Personally, I'm glad that she was able to move on with her life. I'm glad that she seems to be happy and content. Good for her.

She has forgiven Roman which is ok by me since it's her business. I don't know how she feels. If she's chosen to forgive him to move on with her life, that's ok.