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Thursday, July 17, 2014

TLB Timeline

I received an email last night, which contained an extensive timeline of the TLB events. The person who compiled it, would like to remain anonymous. Kudos to this individual for her hard work and generosity.


1887 Dec 12-Karl Stubbs born, ME -possible Family victim

1889-George Spahn  born, PA  

1903-Nancy Warren born, MO -possible Family victim

1909 May 2-William Manson born, WV-Listed on Manson's birth certificate as father
1910-Colonel Scott born, KY -Manson's biological father

1913-Frank Retz  born

1918-Kathleen Maddox, KY –Manson’s mother


1920-Paul Caruso born –attorney

1920 Feb 13 –Dean Moorehouse born, MN

1922-Robert “Ballarat Bob” Dunlap born
1923- Colonel Paul Tate born –Sharon’s father

1923-Earl Deemer born –detective
1924-Doris Tate born, TX –Sharon’s mother

1924-Paul Crockett born –miner, deprogrammer

1925 Aug  6-Leno LaBianca born, LA

1927-Nuel Emmons born. –author  "Manson: In His Own Words"

1929 Dec 15-Rosemary LaBianca born,  Mexico * per DL

1933 Aug 18-Roman Polanski born, France

1933/5? Apr 17 -Willam Rex “Bill Vance” Cole  born –w/ crew @ Shea’s murder

1933 Sept 18- Donald “Shorty” Shea born, MA

1934 est –Rosemary is adopted by the Harmon Family

1933 Oct 10-Jay Sebring born, AL

1934-Vincent Bugliosi born, MN

1934 Nov 12- Manson born, Cincinnati OH.

1934 Dec 24-Gary Hinman born, CO

1936-Manson's mother filed a bastardy suit against Colonel Scott, KY

1936 Dec 2-Wojciech Frykowski born, Poland

1937-Rosalie Willis born, WV –Manson’s 1st wife

1937-Paul Fitzgerald born-attorney

1939 –Dean Moorehouse marries Audrey Lucille Sirpless(Ruth’s mother)

1939-Kathleen Maddox, brother Luther, robbed gas station, WV

1939-Manson moved  w/ aunt & uncle in McMechen, WV

1939-Ed Sanders born, MO –author “The Family”

1939-James Craig born, CA  -murdered w/ Edward Barabas 1978

1939 Aug 23-Kenneth “Spider” Como born


1940 June 7-Joel Pugh born - Sandy’s ex-bf *per Simon

1940-Harold True born, CA  - F associate, lived on Waverly

1940- Krenwinkel's half-sister Charlene born, CA

1942 Feb 8-Terry Melcher born, NY

1942- Maddox paroled, reclaimed Charlie

1942-Bernard Crowe born, WA

1942-Johnny Swartz born –car used in murders

1942 Oct 5.-Bruce Davis born, Louisiana

1942 Dec 10-Catherine “Gypsy”  Share born, France

1942 Dec 18-Thomas “TJ the Terrible” Walleman born, MI

1943- Pic Dawson born, AL

1943 Jan 24-Sharon born, Dallas, TX
1943-Al Springer born, MI -biker
1943 Aug11-Abigail Folger born, CA

1943 Nov 9 –John Leo “Juan” Flynn born

1943 Dec 17-Mary Brunner born, WI

1944 –Daniel “Donkey Dan” DeCarlo born

1944-Maddox married 2nd husband

1945 Feb 27-Mark Stephen Ross born -Haught ‘suicide’ @Ross’  house, helped w/ Manson film

1944 Feb 20-Sandra “Sandy” Good born, CA

1944-Dennis Wilson born, Hawthorne, CA

1945 Dec 2- Charles “Tex” Watson born, TX

1945 Nov 4-Fillipo Tennerelli born. -possible Family murder victim

1946-James Willett born, KY -Family murder victim

1946 May 24- Steve “Clem” Grogan born, CA

1946 May 27 -Madaline Joan”Little Patty” Cottage born

1947-Maddox sent Manson to Gibault School for Boys-Terre Haute, IN –he raped another boy while holding a razor to throat

1947-John "Zero" Haught born, OH

1947 Nov 6-Robert Beausoleil born, CA

1947 Dec 3-Patricia “Katie” Krenwinkel born, Los Angeles CA

1948-Manson ran away from Gibault School for Boys
-Sent to juvenile center, Indianapolis, escaped next day
-Sent to Father Flanagan's Boys Town, escaped 4 days later.
-Sent to Indiana School for Boys, Plainfield, IN

1948 Feb –Susan LaBerge Struthers Welk born, CA

1948 Mar –Jennifer “Ginny” Gentry born

1948 May 7-Susan “Sadie” Atkins born, CA

1948-Michael Monfort born, CA –Brenda’s husband /

1948 Oct 22-Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme born, Santa Monica, CA

1948 Dec 15- Brooks Poston born, TX

1949-David Hannum born, CA –worker @ Spahn, Linda borrowed car, fled CA

1949 Aug 1-Catherine “Cappy” Gillies born, CA

1949-Aug 23-Leslie “Lulu” Van Houten born, Los Angeles, CA

1949-William Garretson born, OH –Cielo guest house caretaker

1949 June 21-Linda Drouin Kasabian born, ME

"Click" Below to view the rest! : )