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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Katie's "Anniversary Special"
Katie Writes:
"It happened 42 years ago today. August 9th & 10th, 1969…..The “Tate/LaBianca Murders”.  It’s the reason we all even know each other.  The main reason we all get together... to discuss who & why.  And, after all these years….we’re no closer to the truth than when we started.  Let’s also remember Bret from Iceland.  He did have “the best damn Manson site on earth”.  RIP Bret."

Thanks Katie!
Katie said: >>>>"Lynyrd, I wonder if Pat, Leslie, Tex, Clem, Linda or even Charlie remember the dates too".<<<<
Personally, I'm not so curious about the one's who have been "cooling off" in jail for 4-plus decades.  One would think... for them... having thoughts regarding these crimes (periodically), would be expected.  I mean, after all... that's why they're rotting in jail. 
If nothing else... they have to "re-live" this, at every parole hearing.
I'm more curious about those, such as Ruth, Nancy, and Cappy... who are out... leading lives... how much they ponder these events... especially, when these dates come around.  Judging from recent photos... my guess... would be... they don't ponder these events very often... if at all.  It looks to me, like Nancy is living the "life of Riley"... but again... who knows?  How much can one speculate (or extrapolate), based on a picture alone?  My "guess"... is that they probably spend less time contemplating this stuff, than we do...
"Thoughts" anyone??