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Saturday, April 27, 2013

TJ "the Terrible"... or Not?

As we all know... TJ had a pistol hidden in the back of his pants, during the Crowe incident.  

According to legend, Manson's task was to distract Crowe, so TJ could fire the weapon.  

Turns-out, TJ never pulled the pistol... and Manson ended-up shooting Crowe himself.

Did TJ simply "chicken-out"... or could it be, that Thomas Walleman wasn't so "Terrible", after all?

FAST FACT:  Page 380 of HS

"The gun Manson had shot Crowe with was the same .22 cal Longhorn revolver which, just over a month later, Tex Watson would use in the Tate homicides."

TJ died in a head-on collision with a Mac truck on June 7, 1995. He was 54 yrs old.

On the day of his death, He and Lori (Ansom13) had just had a horrible fight. TJ dropped her off at their home, and then sped away in anger. He was trying to pass a car on a curve in the road, and couldn't see the truck coming from around the bend. He couldn't get back into his lane fast enough to avoid the collision (according to witnesses). TJ and his pickup truck were burned, and all that was left of him intact, was one hand.

After a memorial for TJ, Lori spread half of his ashes (what could be salvaged from the wreckage) in the desert.  The other half of TJ's ashes, were brought to Tom's family in Reno, NV.  His ashes are interred in the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery in Fernley, NV. 

TJ and Lori did marry, and had 4 children: Aslan, Light, Rivers and Shani Lynn. (Shani Lynn is the little girl that used to play chess with Manson in jail).  Lori died of cancer in October of 1998. She was in her early 30's. She was about 20 years younger than TJ.  

TJ has two other children by his first wife Barbara Rosenberg (Rainbow or Bo).  They had two daughters: Yana Mani and Domani.

According to Bill Nelson (in his book)... TJ purchased the truck from him.

Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery 
Fernley, Nevada 

Plot: Section 1A Site 826