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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Wallet
Last week I was watching videos on YouTube, when I came across a Film called "Manson".  It was a Docu-Drama made by the History Channel in 2009.  The main point of interest to me, was the fact that Linda Kasabian did voiceover narration so it seemed like it would be worth watching.

When it got to the part of the story, where the killers encounter Steven Parent, I noticed something.  After Parent is killed, Tex tells Linda to go into the car and get Parent's wallet which she does.  You can see the wallet in her hands as she goes behind the house to check for unlocked doors and windows.  Heres the Clip:
I don't remember that ever being mentioned before... but o.k. maybe I just forgot about it.  Next I looked at the Larry King-Linda Kasabian interview that was done to promote the Film, but there's not one mention of a Wallet.

You would think being in a car with a dead body and taking a wallet would be a pretty hard to thing to forget.  Maybe she talked about it in her trial testimony, so I looked that up.

Here it is:
"The man just slumped over.  I saw that, and then Tex put his head in the car and turned the ignition off.  He may have taken the keys out, I don't know, and then he pushed the car back a few feet and then we all proceeded toward the house and Tex told me to go in back of the house and see if there were open windows and doors, which I did."

My next move was to Google 'Steven Parents Wallet', and I found I was not the first person to notice this.

On Cats' Forum (TOTL) there is a thread from June 2011 about this very subject, the last post in the thread is by a Poster named 'Eddy' who says about the Wallet:
"According to the Items recovered Steve Parent's Wallet was found on him with $9.00 in it and various IDs".

But then I found this Article on the Website:

In the Article, is Information about how Steve Parent was identified.
"For 12 hours, the boy’s body had lain on a slab in the coroner’s office while officials sought his identity.  A 'mystery' which  Wilfred Parent (Steve's Dad) now believes should have been solved rountinely".

Apparently, no police officer checked the car’s license number against registration records from the Motor Vehicles Department.

Said Police Lt. Robert Madlock, who initially ran the slaying investigation from the West Los Angeles Division:
“At the time we first found the Parent car at the scene, we were going 14 different directions at once. So many things had to be done, I guess we just didn’t have time to follow up on the car registration.”

Why would they have to run the Registration if they found Parents Wallet on Him?
Why would Kasabian forget taking the Wallet at the Trial after the Murders then remember it Decades later?
Why take the Wallet in the first place?
Where is the Wallet?