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Saturday, December 26, 2015

What do we really know about Steven Earl Parent?

We know that he got into trouble for stealing radios and he was in a correctional facility for a while.


We know that he graduated from Arroyo High School in the spring of 1969.  We know that he was a whiz in Electronics.  
Arroyo High School
We know that he planned to attend Citrus Jr. College in the fall of 1969. 
Citrus Junior College
We know that he was working 2 jobs to  help pay for college:  He worked full time as a delivery boy for Valley City Plumbing Company in Rosemead. 

And in the evenings Parent worked as a salesman at
Jonas Miller Stereo on Wilshire Boulevard.

We know that on August 8th, 1969, he made a stop at Cielo Drive to see Bill Garretson.  We know that he knew Garretson from picking him up hitchhiking on a previous evening, and Garretson had invited him to stop by "anytime". 

We know that he had a clock/radio in his car.  We know that clock/radio stopped at 12:15am.

We know that he was gunned down by Tex Watson at Cielo Drive, most likely when he was leaving the premises.

We know that the next day when the police were investigating the murders, he was tossed aside like a used Kleenex, toe tagged a "John Doe" and thrown into the meat wagon, obviously not as interesting as the other victims. 

Now let's fill in the blanks about what we don't know...