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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marliese asked, regarding Steve Grogan:
"A 'parolee' isn't on formal parole, or whatever the correct term is, forever, is he/she? 
Isn't there a specific term, like a couple years? I don't know, but i'd guess, his performing career came after his parole supervision ended. He's been out for 25 years.
Was the name change official, or a 'stage' name?"

CatsCradle77 from "Truth on Tate-Labianca" replies via email:
Lynyrd, I hope all is well with you. On the Grogan name change.  Grogan mentioned it at his 1980 and 1981 hearings (link below).  So I am thinking that it is legal, and known by the parole board.
HEARING REPRESENTATIVE EPPERLY: Do you anticipate any action or reaction in the future from any of the former or current followers of Manson?
INMATE GROGAN: I don't anticipate it. I have mentioned before that I've considered measures in preventing their associating with me by changing my name possibly, if it's still within the bounds of the court, and kind of going into anonymity.
MR. ROBINSON: Anonymity.
INMATE GROGAN: There you go.
HEARING REPRESENTATIVE EPPERLY: I understand what you mean. Okay. I don't have anything else.
Unfortunately, the link Cats provided does not work for non-members of her site. 
I explained this to her, and she said that's the way it's set-up.  
Everyone is welcome to sign-up at "Truth on Tate-laBianca" to view her thread.

Please join me in thanking Cats for her expertise and assistance!
Thanks Cats!!  You ROCK!!