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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brian Davis had Paul Crockett on his radio show tonight.  It was a great show. 
Regrettably, I missed the first half... but they assured me, it would be re-broadcast.

They're creating an entire website for the show.  They have links to several TLB sites... including ours.  How cool is that?!  Thanks Brian!

Here's Brian's new link:
Just click the big "Star" when you get there... choose a media player from the list, and you're listening!  Sundays - 8PM, EST.
I highly recommend Brian's radio show, to all TLB enthusiasts. 
It's a great resource.  His show hosts many notable guests.

Crockett stated that (he believes) the Tate murders were related to Melcher.  Crockett didn't elaborate... but, I was left with the notion that Manson was not too pleased with Melcher... and evidently (I'm assuming), wanted to "send Melcher a message" sorta speak... (even though Manson knew Melcher was no longer living there).

By most accounts... the murders did leave Melcher both stunned and terrified... so, I guess the murders did serve that purpose (of sending Melcher a message) to some extent.  Again... I'm reading (A LOT) between the lines, as Crockett didn't actually say much... other than: "Melcher" was the motive, because Manson disliked him.  Take from it, what you will...

Of course, this does nothing to explain LaBianca.  BUT... Tate and LaBianca are two pieces which never fit well together anyway.  They're often regarded (by many) as "two seperate events".

I really want to hear the first half of the show.  Peace....
Brian Davis has compiled a new Podcast Site.  
All previous "Starcity Radio" broadcasts, are now available at the click of a button.  Everything is clearly labeled by guest and date.  If you missed any of the previous shows... have at it! 
Here's the Link: