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Monday, October 14, 2019

Peter Writes...

I’m a big Ed Wood fan, and I know he was involved in a ton of low budget films, including some westerns.  I was wondering if Ed Wood ever was at Spahn during his career as a director. I think he directed films from the late 50s when he did Plan 9 From Outer Space and all that stuff, and into the mid to late 60s until he couldn’t get hired anymore and became more of a script writer.  I think it would be reasonable to think he was at Spahn at some point, although I doubt he ever crossed paths with the Family.  OTOH, Charlie knew A LOT of people, so it’s not inconceivable they met at some point.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Roll 'em!

"Lash LaRue" needed money towards the end of his career as an actor.  He claimed he didn't know that "Hard on the Trail" 1969 was a "pornographic western".  Several websites indicate that Donald "Shorty" Shea may have had a "bit" part in this film (and other films).  Other Manson-related people, may have landed small acting roles, as well.  IMDB says this movie was filmed at Bell, Corrigan and Spahn movie ranches. 

IMDB lists a "Randy Starr" and a "Mike Armstrong" as two names I recognize in the credits.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to watch any of the films in this post, in their entirety.  I've only been able to find a few clips and stills.  I did message briefly, with a person who had a "bit" part in this film (when he was a kid). 
He remembered very little, including which location he was at, and he was EMPHATIC that he had no contact with the other actors.  I'm pretty sure the porn was edited out of the film in 1972 and it was retitled "Hard Trail".

A clip of "Hard on the Trail" can be seen here (no porn).  Lash LaRue is "Slade":

Next up:
This is another film in which Donald Shea was supposed to have appeared.

Next is:
Donald Shea is supposed to be in this film, as well.

Finally, "Diamond Stud" (1969) (no poster)

Mark Turner's website said:
"according to the director, two Manson women wrestle nude in one bar scene".  

Here's the kicker:  
All four of these films were directed by Greg Corarito.  As of yet, I haven't been able to identify a single Manson associate in any of them.  (of course, I haven't seen any of them yet either).  I don't know if Manson associates actually appeared in these films, or Mr. Corarito "embellished" the films by using the Manson name.  

Lastly, as a warning, these films appear to be pretty explicit for anyone trying to research them.

And that's a wrap...