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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A letter to Ronnie Howard from Sadie Mae Glutz (1969)

I can see your side of this clearly. Nor am i mad at you. I am hurt in a way i only understand. I blame nobody but myself for ever saying anything to anybody about it. My attorney is going to go on insanity. Yes, I wanted the world to know “M”. It sure looks like they do now. There was a so called motive behind all this. It was to install fear into the pigs and to bring on judgment day which is here now for all.

In the first place there are no strangers to me or “M”. In the word kill the only thing that dies is the ego. All ego must die anyway, it is written. Yes it could have been your house it could have been my fathers (sic) house also. In killing someone physically you are only releasing the soul. Life has no boundaries and death is only an illusion.

If you can believe in the second coming of Christ “M” is he who has come to save. Insanity is reality and not caring. When you truly love you do not care about anyone or anything you just love. “M” does not care, I know this to be the truth. Maybe this will help you to understand. I am not going to fight this. I will let my attorney do that. I am going to save my soul, the body my soul is housed in can be destroyed for all I care. To live forever is all I want, and I really don’t care about that.

I did not admit to being in the 2nd house, because I was not in the second house. I went before the grand jury because my attorney said your testimony was enough to convict me and all the others. He also said it was my only chance to save myself. Then I was out to save myself. I have gone through some changes since then. I am ceasing to be inside rather than seeming to be. I have been going through changes about feeling guilty about testifying and all that has happened. For me to say I am sorry is not enough for me. I have been dying a little more every day. Giving up my useless thoughts. I know now it has all been perfect.

Yes we are beyond petty caring. Love is also beyond limits. These people died not out of hate or anything ugly. I am not going to defend our beliefs. I am just telling you the way it is.

I am also content here. My attorney gives me money. He just deposited $20 to my account. As I write to you I feel more at ease inside.

When I first heard you were the informer I wanted to slit your throat. I snapped that I was the real informer and it was my throat I wanted to cut. Well that’s over with now as I let the past die away from my mind. You know it will turn out ok in the end anyway. “M” or no “M”, Sadie or no Sadie. Love will still run forever. I am giving up me to become that love a little more every day. Changes, Changes, Only Love if forever Changing.

Cease to exist just come and say you love me. As I say I love you or should say I love Me (my love) in you.
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I hope now you understand a little more. If not ask.