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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meyer's Ranch
I was digging through the archives of an "old" blog from like 2004.  I ran across some pix and info about Meyers, it apparently burned to the ground at one point.

"These buildings are historic for a number of reasons besides the fact that they were built from the mono-rail that hauled Epsom Salts from Searles Lake over the mountains. The Myers operated the Wildrose Station (gas and food) in my early days in Death Valley.  Wanda and I ate some of Mrs. Myers chili on our first trip to Death Valley. Interestingly enough, Wildrose Station which the Park Service never thought belonged there, also burned. I don't remember the year of that burning."

Charles Manson first came to Goler Wash because the Myers' grand-daughter had told him of the isolation and beauty of Goler Wash.  The Myers wouldn't give in easily to Manson taking over the ranch, so the "Family" ended up at the Barker Ranch just down hill from the Myers Ranch.  An attempt was made by Manson to kill Mrs. Myers, but fortunately for us, the attempt to get to where she was in the city met with car failure.  Mrs. Myers was always a very gracious host to us when she was at the ranch.  
I sent an e-mail to the person that posted that info probably about 10 years ago, I received a brief reply.  However, when I asked for more detailed info, I got no reply.  If I get another reply from that person, I'll try to post it in the comments section.