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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not the Cleavers...

Katie said (paraphrasing):
“There are a variety of people who want you to believe that the murders at Cielo Drive were due to the fact that Voytek was a drug dealer, and that Folger was funding it.  This is not true".  

"The reason for the Cielo Drive killings, is that Charlie was mad at Melcher“.

You have a right to your opinion.

As for me...
I haven't ruled-out the Frykowski/Drug angle.
There's enough "smoke" in that area, to make the theory worthy of consideration.

I agree, that Manson was probably pissed with Melcher… very pissed.
Manson has expressed anger towards Melcher on film (during interviews).

Problem #1:  Melcher no longer resided at Cielo, and Manson knew it.
Problem #2:  The “Melcher bitterness" theory doesn't explain LaBianca.

Problem #3:
The "Melcher bitterness" motive, doesn't jive (very well) with the Crowe, Hinman, and Shea events.
The Crowe, Hinman and Shea crimes were committed for fairly pragmatic reasons, such as money issues, drug problems, and/or self-preservation (or, a combination of all three).
Those crimes were motivated by practical purposes beyond anger and bitterness.

Are we to conclude, that Cielo Drive was the ONLY location where "bitterness" was the sole motivator?
OK... it's possible... but, it doesn't fit "The Family's" MO (modus operandi) very well.

Modus operandi is a Latin phrase, meaning "method of operation". 
The expression is often used by police, to describe a criminal's habits and manner of working.
At the end of the day... killing for the sake of bitterness, doesn't fit "The Family's" track record. 

I'm playing "Devil's Advocate" here, to make a point.

My point:
If you dismiss the Frykowski/Drug Motive due to loopholes… you must also dismiss the “Melcher/Bitterness” angle, because neither theory is a complete puzzle.
In my opinion, dismissing either theory… especially the Drug Motive… is a grave (and somewhat naive) mistake.

None of the folks at Cielo Drive, deserved to be killed.
I repeat... none of the folks at Cielo, deserved to be killed.

BUT... having said that (twice)...

The idea that EVERYONE connected to Cielo Drive, was living a lifestyle, that was completely beyond reproach, is a bit of a fantasy.
This was Hollywood in the 60's.
It was a liberal place, at a liberal time.

To accurately examine this case... we must view the folks who frequented Cielo Drive (and "the times"), through a lense of reality.

Frykowski and Polanski were living questionable lifestyles... and consequently, they were probably interfacing with unsavory characters (at least, at times).
I also believe Sebring's behavior is somewhat questionable (in some respects), as well.
My assertions are underscored, by Polanski's lie detector test (see below).

During Polanksi's lie detector test, he points the finger at Frykowski and Sebring:

**He states (paraphrasing):
"Frykowski had been sniffing cocaine for at least two years".

**He also states (paraphrasing):
"If I had gotten rid of Frykowski, Sharon would still be alive".

**He also states (paraphrasing):
"Sebring had taken some kind of a (pause)... 'drug delivery job‘, or something".

**He also states (paraphrasing):
"Sebring was affluent by outward appearances, but he owed a large sum of money to his dentist.  He may have been struggling financially“.

**During the lie detector test, Polanksi also admits to "f#cking" two airline stewardesses within 48 hours of Sharon's death.  (Bear in mind... Sharon was carrying his unborn child, when she was brutally murdered).

**You can add the sodomy of Samantha Geimer to Polanski's character resume', as well.
She was thirteen years old.

**Also worth considering:
Folger's "association" with Frykowski, doesn't speak well of her judgement.
By most accounts, Voytek was a moocher, deadbeat, and drug user.

One has to wonder:
Just how "deeply" did Folger allow herself to get involved with Voytek (and his "activities")?
Up to her eyeballs maybe?

According to you (Katie)... Abigail told her therapist several times, that she regretted her involvement, with Voytek.
She communicated her regret several times.
That speaks volumes.
It seems to me, she was "in over her head".... and she wanted "OUT".

That Aside...
Is it completely far-fetched to assume, that Folger MAY HAVE lent Voytek money to finance his drug habit?
C'mon Katie... it's not only possible... it's probable.

How could Folger remain completely unaware of Voytek's drug use?
Was she living under a rock?
And furthermore... where else would Frykowski get money for drugs???

Bottom line:
This was Hollywood in the 60's.
At that place and time… things were wild.
To believe that every person associated with Cielo Drive was living completely beyond reproach, and could never be associated with any unsavory characters at any time, is tremendously naive.
People don't buy drugs from Nuns.
('Course… you could probably buy drugs from nuns too... in 1969 Hollywood)

For the record:
Let's not forget, Sharon and Jay traipsing around in their underwear… while Jay drank beer.
We have Sebring in a pair of “grape-smugglers‘ with his sausage clearly visible… and a very pregnant Sharon, sporting cotton panties.
Tell me that situation wasn't a bit "left of center". LOL

Alright... I know it's hot in California... but, c'mon... is it necessary to display your Johnson to a friend's pregnant wife? Ever heard of swim trunks dude? LOL

They give new meaning to the word "Godfather" in California.
Keep an open mind Katie... these folks weren't "The Cleavers".
Well... maybe if you throw-in a few Eddie Haskell's. LOL

I'm not saying anyone deserved to be brutally murdered... not even close
I'm simply saying, that SOME of these folks MAY HAVE "associated with", and consequently "pissed off", some unsavory characters (such as drug dealers).

If you party with drugs, you associate with drug dealers.
It's a direct correlation.

Never rule-out anything, until the fat lady sings.
This case isn't closed, until it's solved.
And until such time... everyone has clues to offer... even the victims.

Peace... LS