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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This Ain't Melba Toast!

It's Melba Kronkright! 
AKA "Malibu Melba"!

Charles Manson and his minions, made the acquaintance of a woman named Melba Kronkright. Melba was a "family friend" of sorts (for lack of better terminology). And yes, pun intended!

Here at LSB3, we've been searching for "Malibu Melba" for some time. We wanted to put a name with a face... or in this case, vice-versa.

Melba has been hard to locate. In fact, she's been much harder to locate than Melba Toast in a grocery store.

After much searching, we finally arrived at the main reason for her elusiveness. The main obstacle to finding Melba, is that her last name has been misspelled by everyone on the planet!

Her last name is supposed to be spelled "Kronkright " 

Everyone from Ed Sanders... to the LAPD... to Paul Fitzgerald... has misspelled her last name.

Her last name has been misspelled more times, than Saint Circumstance has screwed-up the contraction "you're"... just to give you some perspective. LMAO! (Just bustin' ya Bro)

Many years ago, someone asked the question:
"Is it spelled like Walter Cronkite?"
I wanna say it was Mark Turner... but, I can't recall for sure.

At any rate...
The only reason we found Melba, is because allows phonetic searches.

As I said... her legal name is "Kronkright".

I first learned of "Melba" while reading Ed Sanders' book. 

Here is an excerpt from Sanders' book, which gives a good general overview of Melba (for those unfamiliar with the woman):

From Ed Sanders – “The Family”

"In February 1968, through a service attendant named Jerry, Manson met a lady named Melba Kronkite who owned a luxurious ranch in the hills between Malibu and Topanga Canyons, near the old Malibu sheriff's substation.  Evidently the lady had been wealthy but had fallen into impecunious times.  She was amazed at the brigade and became a close friend.  Unmentionable and secret were the encounters around her heated Malibu pool.  She became so friendly with the family that she was used as a character reference when family members got busted later on.

Off and on the family would visit Malibu Melba.  They worked for her.  Manson claims to have given her some money.  Manson also gave her a 1967 Ford Mustang which a New Yorker named Michael, divesting himself of worldly goods, had given to Manson.

Mrs. Kronkite had huge stables and an exercise track on her property.  Once the family, (like Heracles cleaning Augean stables,) spent a week cleaning an incredible mountain of horse dooky from several hundred stalls in her stables."

Page 50 in the 1st Edition
Melba is listed as an acquaintance/associate on the LAPD list compiled by Lt. Earl Deemer.

According to Deemer's list, she received a Green, 1965 Ford Mustang from Manson (see LAPD list below). Her address is also listed.

According to Sanders book' (excerpt above), it was a 1967 Mustang... not a 1965. Shit never lines-up with TLB stuff. Go figure?

She was also mentioned in the court records of Mendocino County, during “The Witches of Mendocino” case (as per Sanders above).

Sanders stated, "she became so friendly with the family that she was used as a character reference when family members got busted later on." (see Mendocino document below).(Document from
Melba was also mentioned in a Declaration by Paul Fitzgerald In Support of Motions  (1970)
(Document from
Her background:
Melba was born in 1913 in Utah. Her maiden name is Lake.  She moved to Southern California sometime during her childhood.  She went to high school in Orange County, California.

She married Robert Kronkright in 1933.  They were both very active in the "West Hills Hunt Club" in Southern California during the 1950’s.  They had a daughter born in 1934, who is still alive... but we won’t mention her name or where she lives.

Robert died in a car accident in 1961 in Ventura County.

Melba passed away in 2002 in Newport Beach, California. She apparently went back to her maiden name.

From June 1, 1958 (Valley News)
Robert and Melba Kronkright:
Melba toast is a dry, crisp and thinly sliced toast, often served with soup and salad or topped with either melted cheese or pâté.
LOL! Peace... !