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Friday, July 12, 2013

Charles Manson - A Chronicle of Death

"The Grump from Pahrump" Writes:
I recently came across this pre-Helter Skelter book from 1971. 
I had never heard of it before.
Charles Manson
A Chronicle of Death
By J.D. Russell
Copyright 1971, Apollo Books 

It is not worth getting excited about or trying to find it.  I'm just one of those that buys all the books on the subject.

It refers to Manson as "Charley Miller Manson".  The only thing that caught my eye was the following info on Voytek Frykowski:

"Not only was he known to be a heavy user of drugs, but there was strong evidence that he trafficked in them, also.  He has sinister dark connections with the underground drug world.

In the investigation that followed his murder, police found in his possessions a pilot's map with route markings between Southern California and Mexico.  When they tracked the pilot down they discovered that he had been flying in large  quantities of narcotics from Mexico, and had made a sizable delivery to Frykowski earlier in the week.  As  lusty a drug user as he was, it is inconceivable that this quantity of drugs could have been consumed by him and his mistress and friends alone."

I have always agreed with the words of Maury Terry:
"The name of the game was narcotics, not Helter Skelter".