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Monday, February 11, 2013

Who was the mastermind?

This guy?
Or this guy?
Tex wasn't involved in Hinman's murder at all. 

If Manson didn't know the reason for the trip to Cielo Drive, why did he ask if they had remorse when they got back?

If Manson didn't know Tex & the girls were going to kill the LaBiancas, why did he go in and tie them up?

Manson is the one who didn't like Shorty.  Manson is the reason that Shorty was killed.

We are never going to agree on the aspects of this case.  There are too many variables.  There are also lots of new theories about what happened and why.

But, in my thinking, the only reliable information we have is when one or more of the perps tells the same information the same way.  In other words, if one person says this and another says that, it's not reliable.  But when 2 or more agree, it's much more plausible.