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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Marina Habe Murder

From Wiki:

Elizabeth Habe (1951 - December 29, 1968) was the daughter of Hans Habe and Eloise Hardt. She was a student at the University of Hawaii home on vacation when she was murdered in Los AngelesCalifornia while returning home from a date.[1] She may have been slain by members of the Manson family. Her body was discovered on New Years Day 1969 in dense underbrush off Mulholland Drive, 100 feet west of Bowmont Drive. She was found with contusions in her eyes, slashes to her throat and heart, burned, raped and nude except for a shoe.


I've tried and tried to find the police report (on line) and haven't been able to locate it.

A few weeks ago, I read a comment from another blog I follow, not a Manson blog, but a website named Witness LA.  It is run by an investigative reporter, zeroing in on Los Angeles Politics, mainly focusing on the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and the current corruption charges and change the department is going through.  99% (and probably higher) of the bloggers are either current or retired sheriff's deputies.

Witness LA ran a story on July 18, 2014 regarding an LASD officer who went undercover in an Outlaw Biker gang, and subsequently falsified a drug transaction report and "manufactured crime" .....anyway, all this was exposed.

What I found in the comments section was more than interesting.  A blogger that goes by the name of "The Past" posted this comment:

"I admit I know zero about the circumstances surrounding the rebuff of Investigator Berncato by Federal Judge Frenbach. What I do know though, when dealing with outlaw bike groups such as the Vagos, Angels or others, you are dealing with people who should be devoid of normal rights. I cite a kidnapping of a young woman in the late 60′s by an outlaw biker group from the Sunset Strip. She was home from the University of Hawaii for Christmas break and was abducted &’found dead off of Mulholland some days later. Evidence & investigation revealed that she was tethered, held for several days, gang raped,an ultimately killed by a well known outlaw biker group. The grotesqueness of her death will never be forgotten by me. I made a promise from that incident that I would not give any outlaw biker the slightest break.

As extralegal as this may sound, a former Vago doesn’t warrant judicial indignation, maybe dismissal, but ridicule of the effort to deal with vermin such as this is total BS. Sorry if this seems harsh but he and his buddies need to be stuffed down the nearest outhouse!"

Read here: - Comment #10

According to an article called "The Charlie Conspiracy" published in the LA Magazine on 6/1/1988 and written by Michael Bendrix (Marina's step-brother):

"The murder was never solved. A detective on the case believes Marina was the random kidnap victim of a dope dealer-biker nicknamed Spanky, now dead, but the evidence is inconclusive."

It sounds to me (from The Past's comment) that this case was solved....and yes, I have no proof that "The Past" is a deputy from LASD, as I don't know who this person is, as knowledgeable as they are on previous posts, I assume they are.  

Anyway, just thought I would throw this out there...