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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dave Grohl is filming a movie about "Sound City" Studios...
Did Manson really record there??    
Article below by Max Evry - May 2, 2012 

In the spring of 1991, Dave Grohl didn't want to work, he just wanted to bang on the drums all day, but he entered Sound City Studios with Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain and emerged a fully-formed grunge god.

Thus is the transformative power of one of the great recording houses of the modern rock era, and while it closed its doors as a commercial studio in May 2011, Foo Fighters frontman Grohl has announced (via AintItCool) that he will direct a documentary tale of how "Sound City" shaped Nirvana's breakthrough album, "Nevermind," and a slew of others.

The storied studio was integral in the birth of legendarily boss albums by Neil Young ("After the Gold Rush"), Fleetwood Mac ("Rumors"), Tom Petty ("Damn the Torpedos") and, um, Charles Manson, many of whom will appear in the doc to recount all the tracks (and lines) they did there. Not Manson, though.

Yet the doc is not Nirvana-centric, and covers the gamut of Guns and Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, and Metallica, as well as the aforementioned old fogey rockers.

Grohl writes:
"SOUND CITY is a film about America's greatest unsung recording studio. It was witness to history. It was home to a special few, intent on preserving an ideal. An analog church, a time capsule, the last bastion of a craft defied by technology. It was rock and roll. Hallowed ground. And it was our best kept secret… like the dark hallways of Sound City Studios itself, it might not be pretty… but it's for f**cking real."
   Lynyrd Responds...
This article was sent in, by one of our regulars.  Being the eternal skeptic, I set out to confirm Manson's participation at "Sound City" studios, before posting this article.
A few things fueled my skepticism regarding Manson's participation at Sound City Studios:

#1) The news regarding Grohl's movie is everywhere on the internet.  There's probably 100 articles circulating.  Only a small portion (such as this one) mention Manson at all. 

#2) A small portion of video spots regarding this movie mention Manson... but Grohl's offical movie trailer, does not.

#3) Manson was recorded at "Universal Studios" in North Hollywood by Gary Stromberg in November of 1967. 

Manson was again recorded in the summer of 1968, at the home studio of Brian Wilson by engineer Stephen Despar. 

Yet... I've never heard the name "Sound City Studios" mentioned in regards to Manson's music before.  

Possible solution:
Admittedly, my geography of California sucks.  Could it possibly be, that "Universal Studios" Los Angeles...later became known as "Sound City" Studios, Cabrito Rd, Van Nuys, CA? 
California geography buffs?  Anyone?

#4) On the official "Sound City Studios" website...there's a chronological list (by year)... of musicians who have recorded at "Sound City". 
The list is pretty extensive... and Manson is not on their list. 
More strange... is that the list begins in 1970. 
Manson would have been there before 1970, No? 

#5) I did find a few leads... which strongly suggest (see video below) that some tracks on Manson's famous "LIE" album, were overdubbed from recordings made at "Sound City".  
This was my best lead for confirming Manson's participation at "Sound City". 
Unfortunately... although the "LIE" album is for sale everywhere... finding specific information regarding where the tracks were recorded (or the recording engineer) is impossible to find. 
Anyone own this album?  Anyone care to check the recording information for us?

I'm not saying that Manson did not record at "Sound City". 
But... try as I might... I couldn't confirm his presence there either.  I found this fascinating... which made me dig deeper. Much-a-do about nothing really... but interesting none-the-less.
Here's a video clip which mentions Manson in regards to this Project:
Here's Dave Grohl's widely circulated "Official Trailer", which doesn't mention Manson at all:
Shots of MattP's Vinyl "LIE" Album from 1987
According to this video:
---The "LIE" album was originally released on the “Awareness Records” Label.
(As of 1987... it was still on Awareness Records) 
This suggests to me... there probably isn't more information on the original pressings.
---Squeaky states that the album was NOT recorded by Melcher.
(We already knew that)
---She states that 2,000 copies were pressed.
Drum Roll Please:
---Squeaky is asked 3 times, “who recorded the album?”… once at 30 seconds… and twice VERY DIRECTLY at 1:55...
She doesn’t answer all three times. LOL  : (  
Such is life in Mansonland! 
(Video Courtesy of Backporch Tapes)

"Click" Below to view the "Sound City" website's list of musician's (who recorded there).  Manson is not mentioned.  The list begins at 1970.