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Monday, September 3, 2012

"Mass Murderer Charles Manson Has New Music Release"
By Alyssa Newcomb - ABC News – 6 hrs ago

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Charlie VS Lemonheads
YOU Decide!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I received a friendly email recently, which included several questions. 
As I was responding to those questions... I decided to upload the conversation (and my resulting answers/research) for everyone.  I invested considerable time on my response(s)... and figured others might enjoy the subject matter, as well.

Here goes: (Lynyrd Responds In Yellow)

"I just found your Manson blog and spent a ton of time going through it.  I also like your musical references.  I’m a HUGE Gary Rossington fan, love his playing.  I’ve also always been interested in musicians who met Manson.  Neil Young and Dennis Wilson, obviously.  I understand that the family did a full recording session (not Lie) at Brian Wilson’s home studio, produced by Carl and Brian, so I’m morally sure that they were in a room with the family for at least a day.  There may be tapes from that session, but no one will admit it.  The name of the engineer is even known, so I’m pretty sure it happened.  Dennis Wilson slept with some of the girls, but I am convinced that Neil Young did too.  But here’s the obscure stuff: Alex Chilton met Manson, according to an interview I read.  And I learned the other day that Sly Stone met him too, but wasn’t very impressed.  I’m sure there’s other rock stars who met him, but would never admit it in a million years".

One could easily dedicate an entire blog, to researching the history of Manson’s music, and recording sessions.  In fact, there ARE such “Manson Music” sites, dedicated solely to researching and presenting Manson‘s music. Some are quite good, actually.  The questions of where Manson recorded, when he recorded, and who recorded him… (and which albums those respective recordings ultimately landed on)… are subjects, I’ve never personally delved head-over-heels into.  I’m not an expert on Manson’s music specifically.  With that understood… here’s a few "fast facts"… and as always, my opinion.

In addition to the “Beach Boys” recording(s):
Credit card data indicates Manson called Universal Studios in North Hollywood on November 10, 1967.  Slightly thereafter.… Manson attended Universal Studios in North Hollywood and recorded one (3-hour session) with an audio engineer named Gary Stromberg.  Stromberg was a mutual friend of Manson’s prison buddy Phil Kaufman. (information found on pages 20-21, of Sander’s book).

In the summer/fall of 1968... Manson recorded in Brian Wilson’s home studio, in Bellagio.  The engineer was Stephen Despar.  Further recordings were cancelled, after Manson pulled a knife in the studio.


"I’m sure there’s other rock stars who met him, but would never admit it in a million years".

I (personally) believe that Manson likely met several prominent musicians.  He was circulating at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.  Terry Melcher, Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson, Neil Young... these are big names.  You can throw-in Gary Stromberg at Universal Studios, and Phil Kaufman.  Wilson and Melcher discussed Manson with John Phillips (Mamas and Papas) at least once.  Phillips “passed” on meeting Manson… but at a minimum, he had heard Manson’s name.  It’s also likely, that Manson interfaced with The Grateful Dead, at some point.  The Grateful Dead were everywhere.  They were the "house band" at many 60's California parties, both indoors, and out... with hundreds in attendance... not the least of which, were Ken Kesey and his "Merry Pranksters"... Hell's Angels... you name it.

Look at it this way: 
Manson LIVED with one of the Beach Boys, and recorded in their studio.  Melcher (son of Doris Day) had been one of the music directors for the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.  Neil Young has been inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame TWICE… once with Buffalo Springfield, and once for his solo work.  The idea that Manson may have interfaced with other musicians, is really not far-fetched. I'm not saying he DID... I'm saying... given the time and place... it's likely.  That's just my humble opinion.  Even Wavy's Hog Farm and the Spiral Staircase, must have hosted musicians from time to time.


"I’m a defense atty in Washington state. I know Kasabian was in the pierce co. superior court, but I never crossed paths with her. The reason I’m emailing is that I’m curious if anything is known about the families travels in Washington and Oregon. Wiki says that the family came up to Washington, but I’ve never read anything about where they specifically went and what they did before going back to California".

Spring-summer 1967 - “Manson made definite attempts to locate his mother, Kathleen.  He secured permission from his federal parole officer to travel out of state several times.  He once went to Washington, in search of her”.
(Sanders, page 13)

Kathleen died in Spokane, Washington, July 31, 1973.  She is buried there.  Her full name was Ada Kathleen, but she is buried under the name Kathleen as she went by her middle name.  This information, lends credence to Sanders’ assertion.
All that information can be viewed here, on my blog:
She had married a man named “Bower”. Gale S. Bower, to be exact. He served in the Navy during WWII, and operated a tire company.


"Have you seen the footage of LS in Asbury Park from 77.  It's amazing because you can specifically see who plays what.  They seem to pass the solos down the line, starting with Gaines, then to Collins, then Rossington, then back to Gaines.  I could never figure who played what until I saw it.  Apparently there’s a ton of Pro Shot stuff that unreleased, including a show from CA from the Street Survivors tour, that someone is sitting on.  A bunch leaked onto youtoob, then disappeared.  Great stuff".

Re: Lynyrd Skynyrd -
I bought a huge pile of old VHS video footage many years ago, on Ebay… before YouTube became popular.  (Actually, I’m not sure YouTube even existed).  The guy sold me everything, in one package deal.  I have it all… some color, some black and white.  I paid a pretty penny for that stuff, way back then.  Now, most of it is on YouTube for free.  Most of it… but not all.  Unfortunately, all my stuff is very poorly labeled… so, it’s impossible to make heads or tails of it. LOL

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bobby Beausoleil to be "Script Research Consultant" for Upcoming Movie?! 
"Manson Rising" - 2012 
A biopic depicting the life of Charles Manson. Told over five decades, this project seeks to provide an objective look into the life of the American outlaw and convicted murderer.
  • Status: Pre-production
  • Tagline:  "The real story behind the man, the myths and the media"
  • Release Date:  31 October 2012 (UK)
  • Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, & North Carolina, USA
  • Production Co: North Bank Entertainment
  • Trivia: Former Manson Family member Bobby Beausoleil was spoken to, as part of the director's research for this project.
In the summer of 1969, a series of murders in California shocked the world.  Over the course of two nights seven people were butchered in their own homes, among them Hollywood actress Sharon Tate.  The trail eventually led to Charles Manson and the subsequent court case propelled the ex-con to worldwide notoriety.  Today he remains one of the world's most infamous criminals, still getting regular media coverage and dividing public opinion, while having the unique distinction of being convicted of nine murders yet never proved to have been present at any of them.  Various film and literary projects have depicted Charles Manson down the years, however none have explored the man in the depth in which 'Manson Rising' does.  Told over five decades, this project explores Manson's childhood relationship with his mother Kathleen Maddox, an adolescence spent in reform schools, his marriage and attempt to lead a conventional life...
Written by North Bank Entertainment.  
"Look At Your Game Girl" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Garbage Dump" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Hallways of the Always" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Sick City" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Eyes of a Dreamer" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
Bobby's Name Listed here, as "Script Research Consultant":

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Showdown: Charlie VS Beach Boys... You Decide.
Charles Manson - "Cease To Exist"
Beach Boys Remake/Cover -  "Never Learn Not To Love"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here's a Youtube Channel Plug for our friend "Miss Spiritual Tramp".
Evan Dando plays a Manson tune on Missy's Channel.
Her Channel is Here:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Showdown: Charlie VS AXL... You Decide!

The New York Times - 12/26/93
Twenty-two years after winning a $500,000 lawsuit against Charles Manson for the murder of his father, Bartek Frykowski stands to collect at least part of what is owed him, thanks to the latest album by the rock group Guns 'n' Roses.
The band's label, Geffen Records, announced last week that it would pay Mr. Frykowski $62,000 for every million copies of the album, "The Spaghetti Incident?" that are sold. Mr. Manson's song, "Look at Your Game, Girl," appears on the album.
Mr. Frykowski, a 34-year-old cinematographer who lives outside Munich, Germany, was 12 when his father, Voytek Frykowski, and four others were killed in 1969.
Speaking at a news conference here, Mr. Frykowski said the money would be small compensation for losing his father.  "This person can't come back to you," he said through an interpreter. "It is truly a bizarre chain of events that brings me here today, years after the most tragic event in my life," said Mr. Frykowski, whose two children are fans of Guns 'n' Roses. "Even though this new situation cannot change the past, my hope is that something positive will emerge for the future."
The royalties will be the first money that Mr. Frykowski has received since winning a $500,000 Federal lawsuit against Mr. Manson in 1971.
With accrued interest, Mr. Frykowski is now eligible for up to $1.4 million in royalties from anything Mr. Manson earns, said Nathaniel Friedman, Mr. Frykowski's lawyer.
Mr. Friedman, who won the lawsuit on Mr. Frykowski's behalf, has renewed the judgment twice since 1971. It expires every 10 years.
Fast facts: "The Spaghetti Incident?"-  released November 23, 1993, is the fifth studio album by the American rock band Guns N' Roses. The album is unique for the band, consisting entirely of cover versions, mostly of punk and glam rock songs of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Despite protests from Rose's bandmates, an unadvertised cover of Charles Manson's song "Look at Your Game, Girl" was included on the album at Rose's request. The CD release gave no track number to the song—it could only be found by listening through the dead air left after the last documented track on the album, on track 12. In early 2000, Rose said that he would remove "Look at Your Game, Girl" from re-issues of the album, citing that critics and popular media misinterpreted his interest in Manson and that a misunderstanding public no longer deserved to hear it. However, the song is still present on the album, and in recent re-issues, "Look at Your Game, Girl" has been added as a separate, 13th track.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Charles Manson - Close To Me (Remastered)