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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Manson Family Vacation

Submitted by Mr. Stormsurge. Thanks Stormy!

Judging from the trailer, this film looks really fun... and it's eerily reminiscent of many TLB enthusiasts (Lol). I'd like to see it!
I highly doubt we'll learn anything new from this movie, but hey, that's obviously not the intent. It looks like good entertainment.

Monday, December 12, 2011

As Promised... a review of Frank Howard's Movie
"Helter Skelter Murders"
(previously released as "The Other Side of Madness", 1971)
My Review: 
This is clearly a low-budget, "B movie".  That's a given.  Never-the-less... I watched this movie, with a completely open mind.  Actually... I watched this film, with more than an open mind.  I watched it with "hopeful anticipation".  I combed all 81 minutes very closely, specifically looking for an original TLB motive to be presented

The first 39 minutes (of the film), offer next to nothing... other than some pretty cool music, and a few short clips of the actual Spahn's ranch.  Also of note... they do include Charlie's original "mechanical man" and "garbage dump" songs.  There's very little in the way of plot development... except a few doses of classic "Helter Skelter" and "Charlie's in charge" build-up interspersed.  These first 39 minutes move so SLOWLY however... you're literally tempted to put a bullet in your head. LOL  Believe me friends... it's brutal.

The murders essentially start around 40 minutes in, and things pick-up just enough, to make it tolerable.  The murders are a crude re-enactment, with the script taking some "interpretational liberties". 
Bottom line, however: 
There's no original motive presented.  As always, "Helter Skelter" is  the theme.  They overdub audio of Charlie's voice, essentially "preaching HS" sporadically (in the background), throughout the entire film.  This over-dubbing is included (almost like  a backing-track) during scenes at the ranch... in the courtroom... while the killers prepare to leave for Cielo... while they drive to and from, the murder scenes, etc.  (This of course is not Charlie's actual voice, but a simulation). The only portion (of the film) which vaguely hints at an alternative motive, is Tex asking  for money, twice at Cielo. 

Tex and the girls, each take one pill, before they leave for Cielo.  That's the only inclusion of drugs, in the movie... other than some "partying" at the beginning of the film... which "suggests" possible drug use... but drugs aren't depicted explicitly (to my recollection).  There's absolutely no dialogue on the topic of drugs included in this film.  

In the very ending credits... there's a paragragh which reads:
"This picture is a grim warning.  The use of drugs must be rigidly controlled, if there is to be any future for our society, or our country itself". 
My interpretation: They're suggesting that "the family" would not have been mentally corrupted, and susceptible to Manson's mind control, without the help of drugs.  There's no suggestion throughout the entire movie, that the victims had any association with drugs what-so-ever. 

I personally, didn't see any reason at all, to run out and grab a copy of this movie... other than, from a "collectors" standpoint.  If you're a person who wants to own every movie and book on this subject... grab it for your collection... and let it collect dust.  Other than that... take a pass.  
My biggest complaint: There's just WAY too many unnecessary scenes, that go nowhere.  They could have easily lopped-off 35 minutes from this film, and it would have been much more tolerble.  You just keep thinking: "Is this f#cking scene ever going anywhere, at all"?! LOL  And's not.  Plot-wise... the first half is brutally slow.  One last bright point though... the woman starring as "Abigail Folger" was breath-takingly beautiful. 
MattP, has provided a copy of the film (in it's entirety). 
To view, "click" below.  Thanks Matt!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bobby Beausoleil to be "Script Research Consultant" for Upcoming Movie?! 
"Manson Rising" - 2012 
A biopic depicting the life of Charles Manson. Told over five decades, this project seeks to provide an objective look into the life of the American outlaw and convicted murderer.
  • Status: Pre-production
  • Tagline:  "The real story behind the man, the myths and the media"
  • Release Date:  31 October 2012 (UK)
  • Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, & North Carolina, USA
  • Production Co: North Bank Entertainment
  • Trivia: Former Manson Family member Bobby Beausoleil was spoken to, as part of the director's research for this project.
In the summer of 1969, a series of murders in California shocked the world.  Over the course of two nights seven people were butchered in their own homes, among them Hollywood actress Sharon Tate.  The trail eventually led to Charles Manson and the subsequent court case propelled the ex-con to worldwide notoriety.  Today he remains one of the world's most infamous criminals, still getting regular media coverage and dividing public opinion, while having the unique distinction of being convicted of nine murders yet never proved to have been present at any of them.  Various film and literary projects have depicted Charles Manson down the years, however none have explored the man in the depth in which 'Manson Rising' does.  Told over five decades, this project explores Manson's childhood relationship with his mother Kathleen Maddox, an adolescence spent in reform schools, his marriage and attempt to lead a conventional life...
Written by North Bank Entertainment.  
"Look At Your Game Girl" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Garbage Dump" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Hallways of the Always" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Sick City" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
"Eyes of a Dreamer" - Written by Charles Manson - Performed by Charles Manson - Courtesy of Awareness Records
Bobby's Name Listed here, as "Script Research Consultant":

Saturday, October 29, 2011

This New Movie should definitely prove interesting! 
"Martha Marcy May Marlene", Directed by Sean Durkin

Roger Durling,  October 31, 2011
"Martha Marcy May Marlene" is the enigmatic film by first-time writer/director Sean Durkin, whose Roman Polanski-esque debut full of paranoia and dread was rewarded with best director honors at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.  The film deals with a young woman (played by Elizabeth Olsen, in perhaps the best big-screen acting debut in decades) who is trying to piece her life back together after escaping from a cult led by a Charles Manson-like character, portrayed phenomenally and frighteningly by last year’s Academy Award nominee John Hawkes.
Watch The Official Trailer Below...
John Hawkes: "It seems like every year there is an attempt to make a Charles Manson–type movie, and I have never wanted to be involved in those kinds of things even though I’ve been asked.  But when I read the script, the word “cult” was not really in the script, and it wasn’t about the leader. It was about this amazing young woman’s journey of what happens in the immediate aftermath in leaving a cult".

Sean Durkin: "There’s a line right at the beginning of the movie when she turns to her sister and asks, “How far are we from yesterday?” and then the movie cuts into a flashback.  The way you play with time is astonishing.
When someone is in a group like this, from what I understand, there are no clocks or calendars, so the idea of time gets completely lost.  Therefore, she’s left with this traumatic experience and trying to make sense of it, so she’s experiencing those events in her mind and the events in the present simultaneously.  As an audience, we feel like we’re down the rabbit hole with her".

"I spent time with someone who was in a cult. She is a friend of ours, and the way that she described it is that fear, that paranoia, that confusion, that inability to say what had happened, lying about where she had been — it was a basic survival mode, and that is what attracted me and got me really passionate"