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Saturday, April 28, 2012

This article was written a few days ago.
I honestly haven't had time to read the whole thing.
At a glance... most of it seems to be a general "recap" (Yawn).  The section involving Marlin Marynick, struck me as kinda interesting however... see below.  Marlin delves into what long term solitude can do to one's mind (in this case Manson's).
AP/ Photo Illustration by Lauren Cattermole

Marlin Marynick, a psychiatric nurse from Regina, harbours no such dread. Four years ago, he struck up a relationship with the prisoner out of professional curiosity, and began visiting him at Corcoran, located about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Their half-dozen meetings—more than 30 hours in total—became the basis for Marynick’s 2010 book, Charles Manson Now. He is one of the few people outside prison to spend time with Manson in recent years, and the two remain in touch to this day.

Marynick’s take on inmate B33920 is not overly sympathetic. Manson could be crude and paranoid during their five-hour-long sessions in a visitor’s room, the author tells Maclean’s: “There are definitely mental health issues there.” Yet Marynick’s account of Manson’s daily life doesn’t exactly chill the soul. The convict passes most of his time answering mail, doing thread art or playing guitar in his cluttered cell in the protective housing unit, a wing for prisoners who might come to harm in the general population. He’s taken up painting, and has co-founded an ecological movement called ATWA (Air Trees Water Animals, or All The Way Alive). There’s a website, run by friends on the outside. But ATWA doesn’t offer memberships.

Solitude has brought out Manson’s obsessive side, says Marynick. With no TVs or radios in the unit, visual stimulus is in short supply, and something as simple as a spider taking up residence in his cell will cause him to fixate for months, to the point he can describe every move the creature makes. Guards tell a years-old story of Manson discovering a bird’s egg while walking in the exercise yard of his previous institution. He spent the next three weeks carrying the tiny thing in his hand, thinking it might hatch. Prison staff were bemused. But to Marynick, it spoke of Manson’s naïveté. “In many ways,” says the author, “he’s like a 14-year-old.”

Submitted by Katie.  Thanks Katie!