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Friday, November 22, 2013

"LynyrdSkynyrdBand" and "Marliese" are in "Rolling Stone" Magazine!!!!

It's True!  LSB3.COM has made the pages of "Rolling Stone" magazine!

Several of our members received a hard copy of the latest "Rolling Stone" magazine in the US mail yesterday... and Lynyrd and Marliese, are both quoted inside!!! The blog was also given a righteous plug!!!  The magazine hits news stands today!  And yes... I'll be buying one.

We'll have a HARD COPY SCAN of the actual magazine for you soon... but for now... the quotes (and plug) can be found on this website:
 (Lynyrd and Marliese can be found on page 3)

The magazine reads:

In 1975, Squeaky was convicted of attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford and wasn't released until 2009. She has long been Manson's favorite. "That little girl right there, Lynette," he says, "I've never met a girl as truthful as her. She's never turncoated. She did 34 years in prison and never broke her vow. A man can't even do that." But Star is on the scene now, leading some of those on the Internet Manson beat to wonder if she's replaced Squeaky in Charlie's affections.

"Lynn deserves to be number one," wrote LynyrdSkynyrdBand on the Tate-LaBianca Homicide Research Blog, after a picture of Star and Gray Wolf with Charlie made the rounds. "She's been loyal for decades." Marliese: "I'm guessing the beautiful girl with Charlie hasn't experienced any strip and suck demands from him, or felt his fist smash across her face." A number of them commented on how unsettling it is that Star looks so much like Susan Atkins "when she was all waxed and pretty."

OK, Here's the Cover:
Here's a hard-copy scan, of the actual quotes:

Here's the LSB3 thread, from which Lynyrd's quote was pulled!

Here's the LSB3 thread, from which Marliese's quote was pulled!

I'm told, that the Manson article is NOT the front-page cover story, though.
"Eminem" is on the cover.

BWahahahahaha!!! LSB3 ROCKS!