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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Whatever happened to Joe Sage, the guy that Linda ran off to New Mexico and confessed to right after the murders?

Here's an old article done in 1978 from the Berkeley Barb:
(**A photo of the obstructed print is at the bottom of the thread, if you'd like to read it...)

According to some folks that posted on the message board, he was quite a "character".....

From a person that responded to the above post on Ancestry:

Anyway, turns out he passed away in Southern California in 1996:

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Thanks to for making this available.... what an incredible read!

I'm only going to highlight a few things that I have never heard, nor read before --- I don't remember reading this in the Helter Skelter book by Bugliosi....

To me, it sure portrays Linda in a different light!  She wasn't the nice little hippie girl that Mr. B painted her as.....



1967 - March - So now she's in Haight-Ashbury and she's arrested...

1967 - September - now she's back in Boston hanging with bikers:

So now she gets busted with the bikers in Boston (1967):

There is so much more that is brought out, how she met Bob Kasabian, they flew to San Francisco (that was expensive in 1968!), bought a truck and drove to Los Angeles, lived in Venice (where Tanya was born) and by the way, was biker heaven in 1968....Linda even spent time at a commune near Seattle Washington during these years.....

This is a must read!   Lots of "not sure(s)" regarding what Manson did and did not say!

Never knew all this.... thanks!

Submitted by Kimchi. Thanks Kimchi!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Wallet
Last week I was watching videos on YouTube, when I came across a Film called "Manson".  It was a Docu-Drama made by the History Channel in 2009.  The main point of interest to me, was the fact that Linda Kasabian did voiceover narration so it seemed like it would be worth watching.

When it got to the part of the story, where the killers encounter Steven Parent, I noticed something.  After Parent is killed, Tex tells Linda to go into the car and get Parent's wallet which she does.  You can see the wallet in her hands as she goes behind the house to check for unlocked doors and windows.  Heres the Clip:
I don't remember that ever being mentioned before... but o.k. maybe I just forgot about it.  Next I looked at the Larry King-Linda Kasabian interview that was done to promote the Film, but there's not one mention of a Wallet.

You would think being in a car with a dead body and taking a wallet would be a pretty hard to thing to forget.  Maybe she talked about it in her trial testimony, so I looked that up.

Here it is:
"The man just slumped over.  I saw that, and then Tex put his head in the car and turned the ignition off.  He may have taken the keys out, I don't know, and then he pushed the car back a few feet and then we all proceeded toward the house and Tex told me to go in back of the house and see if there were open windows and doors, which I did."

My next move was to Google 'Steven Parents Wallet', and I found I was not the first person to notice this.

On Cats' Forum (TOTL) there is a thread from June 2011 about this very subject, the last post in the thread is by a Poster named 'Eddy' who says about the Wallet:
"According to the Items recovered Steve Parent's Wallet was found on him with $9.00 in it and various IDs".

But then I found this Article on the Website:

In the Article, is Information about how Steve Parent was identified.
"For 12 hours, the boy’s body had lain on a slab in the coroner’s office while officials sought his identity.  A 'mystery' which  Wilfred Parent (Steve's Dad) now believes should have been solved rountinely".

Apparently, no police officer checked the car’s license number against registration records from the Motor Vehicles Department.

Said Police Lt. Robert Madlock, who initially ran the slaying investigation from the West Los Angeles Division:
“At the time we first found the Parent car at the scene, we were going 14 different directions at once. So many things had to be done, I guess we just didn’t have time to follow up on the car registration.”

Why would they have to run the Registration if they found Parents Wallet on Him?
Why would Kasabian forget taking the Wallet at the Trial after the Murders then remember it Decades later?
Why take the Wallet in the first place?
Where is the Wallet?                                        

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Regarding Kasabian in the comments section...
Lynyrd's Thoughts:

I have reservations, regarding Kasabian.

She was pretty messed-up before she even got to the ranch. She was no hapless "Snow White", that's for dang sure. She was involved in these murders no matter how you slice it, and hence, is a criminal in her own right.

Bugliosi loved to say:
"Linda was cut from a different cloth".
I think her "cloth" was much more similar (to the others), than Bugliosi portrayed.
"Birds of a feather", as it were...

Bugliosi knew, that painting Linda as "a cut above" would make her a more credible witness in the eyes of the jury... and hence, make her more valuable to his prosecution. Her "squeaky clean persona" was carefully planned and orchestrated.

Folks always hound Bugliosi about "Helter Skelter", but I submit... his portrayal of Kasabian as a hapless victim of circumstance, may have been his greatest distortion and fabrication, of all.

Of all the pieces of shit to choose from... yeah... I probably would have used Kasabiam myself, as a prosecutor. She was "less guilty" than the others... but c'mon... how far does "less guilty" take ya?
As Marlin said:
"How far can you carry empathy?"

I'm very pleased that Kasabian did, in fact, testify and jail these criminals. 
But, one has to ask:
Did she testify "just to be a nice girl"???
OR... did she "turn state's evidence", to save her own skin???
If you look at her track record of decision-making before, during, and after the murders... the answer to that question, is pretty clear.

It's also worth noting here:
If Kasabian had foolishly NOT "taken the deal"... (and make no mistake folks, it was a deal no matter how you slice it)... Bugliosi would have turned on her immediately, and prosecuted her to the full extent of the law, just like all the others.
You would have seen "Linda" painted in a totally different light by Bugs... and that's worthy of thought and clarification.
Love him or hate him... Bugluiosi was, in fact, a very effective lawyer.. and Kasabian (a criminal in her own right), would have done time.

I'm not a huge "Linda fan".

Monday, December 26, 2011

As I was “labeling” this thread (for the index), I realized:
This is the first thread I’ve run regarding Linda Kasabian specifically (here on LSB3.COM).

My thoughts on Linda in a nutshell:
Linda was making bad decisions, before she ever arrived at the ranch.  She was no Snow-White.  She also made bad decisions after the trial… as this article demonstrates.  Preventing firefighters from attending to a fire, is not exactly the work of a genius.

Linda was clearly a criminal in regards to the TLB murders.  She was going to jail.  How long was she going to jail?  I don’t know for sure… I’m not a lawyer.  But, considering the fact that “conspiring” to commit murder, carried the same sentence… as actually murdering someone (ie, Manson)… it doesn’t take a genius, to realize… Linda wasn’t on solid ground.

Linda was an opportunist… period… as was, Bugliosi.  This was a marriage made in heaven.  Linda was going to jail for an undetermined amount of time (maybe even the gas chamber)… and she wanted, no part of that.  Linda’s cooperation with the prosecution, was an act of self-preservation… plain and simple.  She was no heroine.  Also consider: Kasabian hadn’t associated with “the family” for very long.  She had no reason to look-out for anyone, other than number one.

As for Bugliosi:
He knew, the more “innocent“ he could paint Kasabian’s character… the more weight her testimony would carry with a jury.  A “wholesome“, “mis-understood”, “victim of circumstance” Kasabian… would be more valuable to Bugliosi (as a witness)… than say… another murder conspirator on the stand.  It’s quite simple.  The more “Snow White” Bugliosi could paint Kasabian… the more effective her testimony would become… and hence… the more profitable she would be, to his case.  This is obviously why, Bugliosi went lengths to separate Kasabian from the others, in terms of her image.

Like I said… a marriage made in heaven.  Kasabian and Bugliosi were both opportunists.

And, there you have it, in an all too small nutshell.

Historically... I believe what "happened" (as I outlined above), is really quite straight forward.
I think the more interesting question here, is not what happened historically... but rather:
"What would we have done in Linda's shoes"? 

Do the math:
You're very young.  You're (possibly)  facing the gas chamber... which is a fact, Bugliosi surely made abundantly clear to her (time and again), as leverage.  You have a small baby.  And... you've known this entire "family" for a few weeks.  Would you have "fallen on the sword" for folks you had known roughly a month?  You have to admit, Bugliosi's deal would have been very tempting.  Anyone who doesn't (at least) admit that much... (that the deal would have been very tempting)... is lying to themselves... and probably giving themselves way too much credt.  Just something to think about, for the sake of discussion...
Here's a few fabulous clips from the BackPorch Tapes Collection on this (Kasabian) subject.   
It always amazes me, how much more coherent Paul Fitzgerald came across (spoke), back in the late 60's.  In later years, he came across as a baffoon.  But, he's quite sharp back then...