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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leslie Van Houten's 1999 Parole Hearing

It's the first time that any family members were present to plead for no parole.  Angela Smaldino is present this time.  The video is dark until about 1:06.  Sorry about that.  Camera fluke.

But poor Leslie.  She's a victim.  She's afraid that Bill Nelson is making money off her parole hearings and she's not.  

Quotes Leslie: 
"I feel that this has gotten a little out of hand and I believe that there is really no reason for the camera to be important when it seems somehow gotten to sold for profit. And I believe that the internet has become a place where there's a  lot of exploiting violence.  And this man has a shopping list, and I’m part of that shopping list.  And if you allow the camera in here, then I'm partaking that, and I can’t do that."

WOW!  Pinch me!  Am I dreaming?  Or did a woman who chased down and stabbed a complete stranger 16 times in the back, stole her clothes, ate her food, petted her dogs and wiped down prints say she can't be a part of "exploiting violence"?  HA HA.

So she takes time in her parole hearing to throw a hissy fit.  Then the icy High School Princess walks.  Way to go Leslie.  You showed them who you really are!!!