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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our own Kimchi, has been on a road-trip lately, and did a "drive-by shooting" (camera shooting that is)... of 720 West Flora Street, Stockton, California.  The video is below.  She approaches the "Willett" address at exactly 1min/28secs.  It's the small yellow house.  I also grabbed a few still photos from the video, for those who prefer photos.  As always Kimchi... Thanks a Million!!!
Excerpted and paraphrased, from Bugliosi's, "Helter Skelter":
On Nov. 8, 1972, a hiker in Guerneville, CA, saw a hand protruding from the ground.  The victim was James T. Willett, 26.  He had been shotgunned and decapitated.  Three days later, police found Willett's station wagon parked at 720 West Flora Street.  When refused entry to the house, they broke in, arresting two men and two women and confiscating a number of pistols and shotguns.  The two women (both with X’s on their heads) were Priscilla Cooper, 21, and Nancy Pitman, 20.  The two men were Michael Monfort, 24, and James Craig, 33, both state prison escapees.  Both were members of the Aryan Brotherhood.  While in the house, the police noticed freshly turned earth in the basement.  They began digging, and early the following morning exhumed the body of Lauren Willett, 19.  She had been shot once in the head.
Priscilla Cooper claimed that Lauren Willett had killed herself playing Russian roulette.
On April 2, Michael Monfort, pleaded guilty to the murder of Lauren Willett.  James Craig, Priscilla Cooper, and Nancy Pitman pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to murder.  Monfort, and an accomplice, William Goucher, 23, subsequently pleaded guilty to second degree murder in the death of James Willett.
The motive for the two murders is not known.  It is known that the Willetts had been associated with the Manson Family for at least a year, and possibly longer.  Police surmised that Lauren Willett was killed after learning of the murder of her husband, to keep her from going to the police.  As for the murder of James Willett, the official police theory is that Willett himself may have been about to inform about the robberies the group had committed.