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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Speaking of Sargent Dostie, and Buster... Kimchi has met both of them!

Kimchi Writes:

Right place, right time? 

I had just finished reading the latest news on Mark Turner's site, about the cadaver dog "Buster".  Luck would have it, that sunday (february 2008), my husband and I, decided to check out Death Valley and Barker Ranch.

When we arrived, there was one vehicle there.  We got out of our 4x4, and a friendly black lab greeted us with barks and licks.  I looked up, and noticed someone filming a man, on the porch of the ranch...I said "hmm, he looks familiar".

Just then, a man came over to us, and said: "They will be done in a little bit" we made idle chat with the man and the dog... (breaks ice you know)...

So... I said:  "This is the Manson Place".  

He said: "Yeah, we're filming a segment about it, and the cadaver dog" .

I said:  "Oh, I just read about 'Buster'....he pointed to the black lab we were hugging and petting... and I said "That's Buster?"  

He said: "Yup"!

Needless to say, we got "the" tour of Barker Ranch, from Sgt. Paul Dostie and Patrick Healey from Channel 4 News (LA)...lots of photos (that I'm not sharing...haha), but I am sharing Buster's Law Enforcement Card that Sgt. Dostie gave me that day...

We all know what happened 3 months later....

More to come later on the "Spahn Dig"....did you know about that???
Sargeant Dostie, Buster, and Mr. Kimchi
Front of Buster's "Baseball Card"
Back of Buster's "Baseball Card"

Thanks Kimchi!!  You're the Best!! 
We're not worthy... we're not worthy! LOL
(Sorry... A little "Wayne's World")