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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lynyrd brings you some explosive shit...
John Irwin Friedman, AKA "Partee"
#1) He was friends with Charles Manson long before the murders
#2) He is a professional artist, who drew illustrations of Manson
#3) His son ("John Jr") was "babysat" by "The Family" at Spahn's 
#4) His son was one of the children, arrested in the 8/16/69 Raid
#5) *He raised Sandra Good's son, with his wife Holly!
#6) He was the masked "mystery guest" on Geraldo's "Family Reunion" show


Exhibit "A"
John "Masked" on the Geraldo Show, with Ansom13 and TJ.
John "Unmasked" on LSB3.COM
Exhibit "B"
John Friedman's Illustrations of Manson

"Charlie at Spahn" By John Friedman
The original Piece is owned by Michael at Backporch Tapes
Illustration #2
"In this photo, there is a street of Victorian Houses.
 Manson is depicted in the window of his Haight Cole street Apartment writing Music"
by John Friedman.
Close-Up View of Manson depicted in window, by Friedman
Illustrations Courtesy of Michael from Backporch Tapes.
Exhibit "C"
A letter from Manson.
Charlie remembers taking care of "Little John Friedman Jr."
at Spahn's.
The message transcribed by Lynyrd: 
"A picture from a friend of mine John Friedman. 
You remember him, we kept his kid for him "little John". 
His kid J grown up and reflects strong"...
Exhibit "D"
"Little John Friedman Jr.", is listed as one of the children detained during the 8/16/69 Raid at Spahn's.

Exhibit "E"
Friedman's Family, including Ivan Pugh (Sandra Good's Son)
The Whole Photo... "Click" to Expand 
OK... "Here's where it gets tricky", as Starship says! LOL
I gathered the information regarding "Ivan" aka "Bucky" from VERY reliable sources.
 John "Partee" Friedman and Holly Feeney raised Sandra Good's son... Ivan Pugh.
Ivan calls Holly "mom".
"That's a fact Jack!"

I'm sharing this information, as a courtesy, to all TLB enthusiasts.
I can't PROVE it to you here... and if you don't believe me...
that's totally cool... I understand.
The photo is labeled really funky by Friedman (kinda inaccurate)... and he gives all his kids really weird nicknames like "Bucky" and "Hucky". 
In fact... thay all have like 10 names... that's how artists are.
It's confusing as all shit.
Just take my word for it... that's the dude... Ivan Pugh... Sandra Good's son.
Exhibit "F"
The Whole Story.
John "Partee" Friedman, Self Portrait.

“John” was born Johnny Irwin Friedman. He was a friend of Charlie’s for many years, although it hasn’t been disclosed when or where they met. John was a noted artist in the Santa Rosa Art Community and traveled the world. He married in the early 1960’s to a lady by the name of Inga, had 3 children with he,r but she was killed in a traffic accident in San Francisco in the mid 60’s. Soon after, he met and married a lady named Holly. It was about this time that he changed his name to “Partee”. It is known he also had a partner by the name of Windy with whom he had more children (according to a website which is no longer active).  John lived a mostly communal lifestyle.

One of his children (John Jr.) was taken into custody during the Spahn Ranch Raid of August 16, 1969. (See Arrest Sheet List for "detained children" above).  Charlie and family used to babysit "Little John" at the ranch. (See Manson's letter above).

Friedman married Holly Feeney in 1964 ...they lived in the San Francisco area.  They raised Ivan Pugh when Sandy went to prison.

Age: 74 years, Partee passed away in Santa Rosa, CA on September 30, 2008. Dear father of Bianca Kolonusz-Partee (Thomas), JJ Friedman, Tripper Friedman, Michael Friedman, Sunnie Friedman and Bucky Pugh (Caterina). Partee is also survived by his brother, Stan Friedman (Mary) and their family as well as many many wonderful friends here and around the world. Partee was born in New York on April 25, 1934 to Harry and Helen Friedman. He worked as an artist; painting, drawing and making etchings.

"My work is the center of my life. I have lived with many people in many circumstances, and I have always done this work," Partee.
Exhibit "G"
The Original Geraldo "Family Reunion" Show,
where Friedman, wore his Mask.
Exhibit "H"