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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney... Err... I mean, Leary!
Lynyrd's Disclaimer: 
I've never read Claire Watkins' new book "BatlleBorn". Consequently, I have no opinion of the book, one way or the other.  "Leary7" has written a lengthy review/thread for us... and since he's well-known  (and well-liked) on the blog circuit, I felt obliged to post his commentary. 
In regards to the Clarie's book specifically, I can neither agree or disagree.
Leary Writes: 

Why I Hated 'Battleborn'
Claire Watkins, Paul's daughter, seems by all accounts to be a very nice person and a really talented writer. Her book of short stories - Battleborn - came out recently and has been getting really good reviews from the critics. The peerless Col gave the book his approval as did a few blog readers. All of which left me with the challenge of figuring out why I hated it so much. I was clueless until...until...
I was reading another thread on this wonderful blog where Lynyrd and Saint were discussing Harold True. I'm with Lynyrd in being a huge fan of Harold's. The guy is a hoot and a half. And his assessment that Manson and The Family are "total idiots" is for me as dead on as can be. I know it is not polite or politically correct to call someone an idiot, but the simple and undeniable truth is that Charlie and the gang were/are the biggest idiots, morons and imbeciles on the planet.

What else do you call a woman who gives her own infant son a blowjob? Or a woman who tells her father to cut holes in the back of her jacket so her wings will go thru? Or a guy who a judge declares is too stupid to have committed murder? Look at the interviews, try to make heads or tails of what Bruce was saying when he turned himself in, or what the girls were babbling about on the sidewalk.

These people were total fucking idiots but we like to see them in the mode of counter-culture icons and social revolutionaries and such. They were not even close to being those things. They were only what Harold called them - idiots.

So what has this to do with Battleborn? Well, there are ten short stories in the book and in reflecting on them I suddenly realized that all the characters in them are pretty much complete idiots. The sort of humorous irony being that Ms. Watkins clearly has no interest in the idiots of TLB, yet her own stories are replete with idiots. Just a couple of quick examples.

The second story really isn't a story, it is a collections of five or six long letters that a guy (idiot) wrote to someone whose name and address he found on an abandoned prescription bottle in the desert. The guy pours out his heart to the 'name on the bottle' not knowing if the 'name' is alive or dead and the story never tells us. I know the artsy/fartsy crowd will say, "wow, how cool, barring one's heart to an unknown, faceless soul". I hate to sound like a cross between Archie Bunker and Rush Limbaugh, but crapola. It is nothing but a story of an idiot doing an idiotic thing.

In another story two Pizza Hut girls who live in a small town 90 minutes from Vegas decide to make a night of it in Sin CIty since they are bored. They go to town, hook up with a gang of rude teenage boys who get em drunk on orange soda and vodka which inevitably leads to either a gang bang or group sex (it seem ambiguous to me). Ms. Watkins was trying to use the old "pathos/turbulence/poignancy" formula but the story had ZERO pathos or poignancy for me. It was just a tale of two idiot girls behaving idiotically.

I could go on but I am boring myself. By all means get a copy of Battleborn if you are into tales of self-involved idiots and morons. Or if you love angst and despair. I am just getting to old and crochety for any of that nonsense. I wonder if eventually I am going to tire of TLB for that very reason - just sick of idiots.

If that really is all TLB was - idiots run amouk - then it does feel kind of silly to me having spent all this time reading and thinking on the subject. I suppose one could ask - who's the idiot now.

Charlie, the master manipulator of idiots, is laughing his ass off at people like me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Saint Circumstance said (in regards to Harold True's testimony):
"I am sure this guy can’t remember what color drawers he had on yesterday..."

I have to respectfully disagree with you.  I think you're being tremendously dismissive.

Harold is certainly brash and blunt... but, I think his logic is solid. He makes more sense (to me) than 100 average bloggers put together.. (who by the way, weren't there). 
I think there's a lot more to Harold's interview, than just humor. Unfortunately, the humor is so overwhelming, it belies the valuable content.

I’m sure someone could comb through Harold's interview, and likely find some inaccuracies in detail... but, I think Harold's "take" on the situation (as a whole) is accurate.
His version is not fun, it's not glamorous, and it's not scandalous (which is what we all crave)... but, it's reality.

I think we ALL... "constantly read shit into it" as Harold says (including myself)... because it keeps this topic fun and interesting for ourselves.
We need something to do.
When we become "super sleuths"... it makes us feel important.
It makes us feel "personally connected" to the case… “part of it”, if you will.

Case in point:
In the past, I've dug so deep into Leno's gambling... I might as well, have been at the horse track with him.
But, at the end of the day... I know that angle (motive theory) is likely all bunk.
I know deep-down, that I'm likely wasting my time with that pursuit... but, it makes me feel good (and important) to try... and that (in reality) is my motivation.

Let's face it... if this case was really solved... we wouldn't have anything to do.

We constantly paint these folks as geniuses... and add complexity to the plot, but in reality... it's probably more accurate to say "they carried their brains in their lunchboxes".

As time passes... I'm starting to adhere more and more to TomG's attitude, that sometimes senseless acts... are carried-out by senseless people… and there’s really no glamour or complexity to it, at all.
"You can't ascribe reason to crazy people".
It's a hard sentiment to argue.

Or, as Tom once said:
“Think long, think wrong”.

This reminds me of a true experience:
Like most men... I really love the movie "Goodfellas".
Fuck... I've watched it 30 times... and I've memorized every line.
The movie glamorizes not only the crimes, but the characters.

I had "Henry Hill" (played by Ray Liotta) cemented in my mind, as a genius.
He was cunning, sharp, rich, well-dressed, tough... you name it… he was everything!
The guy (although a criminal) was a hero in my mind!

THEN... 10 ten years later:
I heard the REAL Henry Hill interviewed on the Howard Stern Show.
My mind was blown!

Saint... the guy was a fucking idiot.
I think he had two marbles floating around in his head.

Suddenly... it hit me like a ton of bricks.
All this guy "Henry Hill" really had... was a TON of balls... and that’s it.
I suddenly saw those "heists" and crimes (and murders!) for what they really were… senseless acts, performed by thugs, who had Balls-Galore, but no brains.

Henry Hill was a selfish opportunist, with the sack (and necessary lack of morals) to act upon his most base impulses… but that’s it.

Seriously… this guy “Henry Hill” was like listening to Bill Garretson.

I couldn’t believe that a world-renowned blockbuster movie like “Goodfellas“, was made from THAT reality!
Talk about a distortion of facts!
Talk about making a silk purse, from a sow’s ear!

I think we often embellish the TLB murders and related circumstances the same way.
Harold True's sleepy-voiced "version"… although boring as hell for us TLB enthusiasts, is likely much more accurate than we‘d like to believe.

In short… I don’t think Suzan Laberge was chief conspirator. It's possible, but not probable.  I’m sure going forward, I will entertain that possibility many, many times, and likely invest countless hours researching… ‘cuz that’s what we do, as TLB enthusiasts. But at the end of the day… I think Harold is right.  It's probably a lead ballon.

My two cents...
If anyone disagrees, that's cool with me.


Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hello Everyone! 
It seems the LaBerge-Watson discussion has overtaken my previous thread... so, I've decided to "go with it".  "Give the people what they want", as they say.

One could easily write 10 threads (or a book) on the phenomenon which "Suzan" presents.
For starters... how often does a child lobby for the release of their parent's murderer?
Can we ALL agree... that's just freakin' weird?!  What could be the motive for that behavior?  Etc, etc.

To simplify things, I've decided to offer just one tidbit regarding Suzan, at a time.
I can't "prove" anything of course... but hopefuly, the upcoming threads (or tidbits, LOL) will provide "food for thought" and discussion.

Discussion #1:
Harold True

Judy Hansen (private investigator) interviewed Harold True during the time Suzan was lobbying for Tex's release.  

During this interview, Judy hammered Harold True for 10 minutes straight, in an attempt to tie Suzan to "the Family". 

***Judy utilized all the usual angles... the close proximity of Harold's residence to the LaBianca's... the close proximity of Tex's apartment to Suzan's apartment... the strange phenonmena of Suzan lobbying for Tex's release, etc.  It's all in there.***

It's no exaggeration to say, that Judy Hansen's sole purpose throughout this entire interview, was to throttle Harold True into corroborating a connection between Suzan LaBarge and the Manson Family.  
Judy NEVER strays from that topic or goal... not even once. 

As you listen, you'll see... Judy gets nowhere. 

Of note:
In this interview, Judy was working with Bill Nelson. 
Judy occasionally talks to Nelson, in the background.

Harold's testimony is just one man's opinion and proves nothing... but bear in mind:
Harold True picked-up Charles Manson on the Pacific Coast Highway (with his bags), the day Manson was released from Terminal Island Prison. 
Harold True knew Charles Manson from day one.

Something to think about.  More to come...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Seriously Friends... this phone interview is the Bomb!
Harold True: "You Can't Ascribe Reason to Crazy People"
Harold and a friend (Ernie "Buddy" Baltzer) that he lived with on Waverly.
Thanks Bob!  AHahahaha