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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Semi-Retirement and Restructuring

Well folks… I’m semi-retiring.  

I have several new responsibilities, concerns and duties in my personal life, which I cannot ignore.  In short, my personal life is much more complex now, than it was 3 years ago (when I opened the blog).  I can no longer justify, investing huge amounts of time, on this hobby.  Beyond that… I’m simply exhausted from this blog nonsense.  I need a break.  Going forward, Kimchi is the boss.  

I’ll still check the blog daily… and I’ll offer a quip, quote, joke or commentary, when I have some free time to kill.  I may even post the occasional thread, if a topic really grabs me.  The "thread hall of fame" will certainly continue... because giving contributors credit for their submissions, has always been a priority.  Lastly, I'll continue to intervene, if/when someone is behaving like a complete ass (in the comments section).  But beyond that, I’m taking a back seat.  I may return full-time at some point… but, it won’t be any time soon.


I've fallen WAY behind with several blog duties… but most especially, the incoming mail and thread submissions  In fact, in recent months… I’ve completely ignored most of the blog’s incoming mail (due to time constraints).   This situation is just not fair to our contributors... or, our readers.

As a consequence, the blog has lost many reliable thread contributors.  Heck… I can't blame them.  If I submitted 3 or 4 good thread ideas to a blog administrator, and my threads were never posted… and furthermore… I never received a return email... I'd discontinue communications, as well.

In a nutshell… things have to change.  Hence, this current restructuring.

In retrospect… I should have updated my mail system, a year ago.  Unfortunately, I tried to maintain the mailbag reigns, for as long as possible... and it backfired.  Live and learn.  As I said... I pissed-off a lot of good folks by not responding to their communications... and, it's perfectly understandable.

OK… enough back-story.


Kimchi and Sunset are now in-charge of all LSB3 mail.  If you have a thread submission, comment, question or suggestion… hit them up.  They’re both very reliable and capable folks.  This new system will prove efficient.  Blog mail will be opened in a timely manner, and threads will be posted quickly. 

Here’s their contact info:

[email protected] (yes, there’s an extra seven)

Their contact information is also posted prominently in the sidebar.

This new system will prove beneficial to everyone concerned… both contributors and readers alike.  Please join me in thanking Kimchi and Sunset in advance, for their help and efforts.

My sincere apologies to anyone whose email messages went unanswered over the last year.  My bad.

Peace! LS

Friday, April 5, 2013

-- Update, April 4, 2013 -- 
According to prison officials, Charles Mansons' visiting status has been updated.  The temporary visiting suspension has been lifted. More details soon...


Monday, April 1, 2013

According to, Charles Manson’s visiting privileges have been suspended “until further notice”. 

The suspension order was issued by the warden’s office. 
An officer informed Star, that the temporary suspension was due to an investigation

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I was whacked in the family jewels by Blizzard "Nemo" (LOL)... but I Survived! 
No electricity from 11pm-4am... been digging-out all day... but, I'm still here! LOL

How's my New Enlgand Bro's doing? 
Matt Prokes, Bob, Starship... you guys still with us?!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Here's another ridiculous rumor for ya:
Charles Manson is set on fire again??
 Smells like complete Bullshit. 
If this were true... a dozen reputable newspapers would have picked-up the story immediately.  Anything for attention, I guess...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kimchi first contacted me, before this blog officially opened and voiced interest in "helping out".  Kimchi, Katie, Bob, Mary and SaintC were my first sign-on's.  Those people fashioned our blog's "humble beginnings".

I honestly had no idea, who Kimchi was, when she first contacted me... but "help out" she certainly did.

Over the course of two years, Kimchi submitted Seventy Two (yes, I said 72) brilliant threads.  Her threads, have the distinction of being (by far) the most popular and most visited threads on our blog.  That's not my personal opinion.  That's according to the blog's visitor statistics.

Kimchi was literally a "God-Send" when this blog first opened.  To have a brilliant woman from California, whom you don't even know, start sending-in fabulous threads and documents, was nothing short of a small miracle.

I want to publicly express my very sincere thanks to Kimchi, for all of her priceless contributions.  She's a class act, a wonderful soul... and take my word for it... she knows the details of this case, as well as anybody (and, that's anybody).

Kimchi recently "let it fly" in the comments section with some strong criticism, and a resignation.  I must admit, I was a bit "taken aback" and chafed for a while.

It wasn't so much Kimchi's opinion, that bothered me.  In fact, in some regards... I agree with her.  I DO wish at times, that this blog was more open to differing opinions.

I just wish she had expressed herself to me privately, via email instead.  But, I'm over it.
In the grand scheme of things, it's very small apples, considering all the wonderful times I've had discussing the case with Kimchi, and working together on the blog.  She has a right to her opinion.

And truth be told... there's not a whole lot, that I could have done, to change the "climate" of this blog, even if she did come to me privately.  So, my point is moot.  The blogs are nasty places.  They're ALL nasty.  It's always been that way.  You'd have to ban everybody, to keep things peaceful.  But, I digress...

Kimchi's a good egg, and a class act.  I have nothing but respect, and warm thoughts for her.  I honestly haven't communicated with her, since her commentary on the blog.  I'm almost afraid to! LOL!

I really don't know at this point, if Kimchi is really gone... and, I don't know if she'll be back.
I intend to chat with her soon, and discuss this situation properly.  I don't believe in ending a two-year friendship, in the comments section.

Having said all that...
I just want to tell everyone publicly, that this blog would NOT be what it is today, without the help of Kimchi.  She's done more "behind the scenes" work than anyone could ever imagine.  Her research and threads, are absolutely "second to none".

I'd like everyone to express their appreciation to Kimchi, in the comments section below.
I think it's only fair and just to "show her a little love" after all she's done for us.

She told me she wanted to "help out" before this blog opened... and, never in my wildest dreams, did I expect a genius (yes, I said genius) to churn-out 72 brilliant threads.

Thank You So Much, Kimchi.  You ROCK!!!!  Best Regards Always. 

Most Sincerely, Lynyrd.
Please write a brief "Thank You" to Kimchi in the comments section below, if you've enjoyed her wonderful threads, and friendship.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Staff at LSB3.COM!
Please join me, in welcoming Leary, Cease2, 
Venus and Sunset77 to our staff. 
They have been added as "Authors", and going forward, 
they will be writing threads for our blog.  
I look forward to their many contributions!  I'm sure each will bring something new, unique and interesting to the table.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Greetings from SaintC!
He's "Resting" in Orlando! LOLOL!!
As I always say:
"How can ya not love this guy?!" LOL!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Katie's July 15, 2012 interview on Brian Davis' TLB Radio Program,
is now permanently available for listening, on Brian's podcast site.

To Listen, Visit Here: 

Segment Description:
"Katie from the joined TLB Radio and talked about a post she authored which brought to light plausible evidence that Tate murder survivor, William Garretson may have known murderess, Pat Krenwinkel prior to the murders".

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thanks Everyone!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hi Folks...
Due to technical difficulties, I'll be suspending the comments section (nightly) around 10pm EST... and turning things back on in the morning, around 10:30am. 
These times are approximate.  If I'm getting laid, and away from the computer (LOL)... things may run later.  If I have a busy morning... the blog may open, while I'm eating lunch.
You get the idea.  The blog will still be open 'round the clock, for reading.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello Folks!
Just a quick note, to tell everyone:

I'm absolutely swamped with emails daily, and I simply can't keep-up with the volume. 
If it takes me a long time to reply to your email... or, if my reply to you, is very brief... please realize, it's nothing personal.  I'm doing my absolute best, to maintain an off-blog relationship with several people... and quite frankly, it's become impossible.

Please rest assured however, that ALL emails are read promptly, and everyone's input and contributions are GREATLY appreciated!

Going forward... it might be best, to view my email as an "inbox", or "suggestion box" of sorts.  I simply can't maintain individualized off-blog conversations, with 35 people simultaneously. 
Thanks in advnace, for your patience and kind understanding.
Peace ... Lynyrd

Monday, July 16, 2012

Well... they say jealousy is the green-eyed monster, and I guess it's true.

Evidently "Panamint Patty" invested her entire night, searching the comments section of every Manson blog in cyberspace...(all the way back to 2009)... looking for the name "Patty Montgomery"... in an effort to discredit Katie.
AND... she did this on her birthday no less.

One has to wonder, what would motivate such behavior.
Are we really this petty?

Just three things:

#1) Evidently, there are others who (previously) suspected that Krenwinkel, may have been the Patty Montgomery from Garretson's polygraph test. 
But, here's the rub:
KATIE is the FIRST to actually match the polygraph test, to the alias list.
No one else had heretofore, identified "Patty Montgomery", as one of Krenwinkel's aliases.
That is, in fact, a level of research which has never-before been presented by others.

#2) I can tell you for fact:
When Katie (originally) contacted me, with this information... she had not personally read it elsewhere.  Her excitement was clear indication of that fact.

#3) Brian Davis personally contacted Katie, to do this interview. 
He asked her to do it... it was not her idea.
Katie's "Patty Montgomery" thread was written last October... with not a ripple of rebuttal. 
Now... because Brian asked Katie to explain her thread (9 months later) on the radio... Panamint Patty is turning cyberspace upside down to cause trouble?

I'm really getting too old for this baby crap.

I've done my absolute best to ignore you, for a few months now.
I think I've done a pretty good job of that... but during times like this, you make it nearly impossible.
Matt and Liz have never given me any grief at all... it's always you.
Seriously Patty... let it go.
This "tit-for-tat" crap is getting really old.
Katie was on the radio, and folks enjoyed it... get over it.

Try as you might, you can't change yesterday... and you're only demonstrating to everyone, how petty you are....

You've also insulted Brian Davis indirectly, whether you realize it, or not.


PS... I can't believe, I was forced to waste a chunk of my day on this foolishness... and consequently, bury some very nice threads.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Katie will be interviewed on Brian Davis' "Star City Radio" program tomorrow evening, 7-15-12 at 8PM EST. 
She will be doing a brief Q&A segment.
Be sure to Tune-In!  Good Luck Katie!
The subject matter for Katie's interview can be found at the following link, for anyone who wants to catch-up to speed:
In short:
Garretson identified a personal friend during his polygraph test named "Patty Montgomery".  That information is found between pages 1-10 of his polygraph test. 
Garretson mentions knowledge of a "Patty Montgomery" specifically, on page 6.
The polygraph test is here:

Krenwinkel has used the alias "Patty Montgomery".
That alias is listed here:

Katie speculates, that Garretson and Krenwinkel may have known each other.

Interesting stuff... and Brian Davis (to his credit) jumped on it... hence Katie's radio show interview.

If you missed Katie's "live" interview... the archived broadcast will be available (soon) on Brian's podcast site, here:
ColScott Said:
You know I was reading one of the recent articles, maybe one of the ones I posted (not going to go back and look, doesn't matter) and they referred to Cielo Drive as a HOME INVASION. Now true this was 1969 and I am not sure when I first heard the term but it was more likely than not the 90s so this is retrofitting of course.

But what word do we normally hear after "Home Invasion"? ROBBERY, right? I never heard of a Home Invasion Race War Startup, have you?

It was a robbery or drug deal burn or both. There IS a meaning to it I know there is.
Lynyrd Responds:
Marlin Marynick, psychiatric nurse, and author of the book "Charles Manson Now", described the events at Cielo as a "botched home invasion", during his interview with "Good Day LA".
He makes his statement at 2mins/40 seconds into the interview. (video below)
Marlin's description of the event (and carefully chosen language) made an impact on me as well, as having some significance.
I agree with the Colonel on two things:
#1) "Home Invasion" implies that there was a goal to this event, which had nothing to do with a race war.
Marlin could have just as easily said "race war"... but he intentionally did not.
"Home invasion" suggests to me, that "the family" was there with a purpose.
The most likely purpose of a "home invasion" is robbery, or retribution (i.e., payback of some kind).
This is straight forward logic... and as I said... I agree with Colonel on this subject.
Marlin quickly follows-up with these statements:
"Drugs were definitely involved" and "all these people knew each other".
This suggests to me, a "payback" purpose for something drug-related.
But, either way you slice it... Marlin clearly implies a purpose for Cielo... and that purpose does not include a race war.
As I said... Marlin could have easily stated "race war", as his response to the interviewer... but, he intentionally did not.
#2) The word "botched" is also significant, as it implies that things went beyond the intended goal.
Bottom line:
The execution of the "home invasion" went awry... and the subsequent bloodbath was beyond the intended purpose of the "home invasion", which was robbery or payback (for something drug-related).
Marlin's chosen descriptor of "botched" makes sense... as the type of bloodbath which resulted, was not what one would expect from a routine robbery, or "tune up".
I agree with Colonel on all counts here.
The question becomes:
How much significance does Marlin's testimony carry?
That depends (I suppose) on how much weight, we give to Marlin's opinion.
Marlin strikes me as a grounded person... not prone to sensationalize or hypothesize without forethought and research.
He's obviously an educated man.
As always, there are no definites here... but I submit, Marlin's view is a piece of the puzzle, worthy of some thought.
Peace... Lynyrd
Marlin's Interview 
Video from the Backporch Tapes Collection

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Someone commented on another blog:
"I read a comment on another blog where one of Paul's passages was flagged as suspect because he remembered exactly how a window sounded when he opened it. Um, he was a "Military Intelligence Officer". Those guys are trained to remember everything. Sights. Sounds. Smells. Nothing gets past them.

In open forums everyone has an opinion. Sometimes I'm impressed with the deep thought and consideration put into peoples' comments. Other times I'm reminded that many people speak from a point of their basest fears and hates.

As an old favorite comedian of mine Gallagher says, "The public are bovine".


It is my blog, and my words, this individual is referring to.

This particular individual has never gone out of his way to insult me in the past… so, I’ll clarify a couple things (which need clarification), as politely as I possibly can.

#1) My words have been taken out of context and distorted.

I wasn’t surprised that PJ remembered how difficult the window was to open… or… that PJ remembered the window made noise (as he opened it). 
That assertion is simply incorrect, and not accurate. 
I wasn’t surprised at PJ's recollection or recall skills, at all.

What did surprise me… was that a middle-aged man (PJ in this case) would relate his memory of that noisy window, with the words used in the book.
“The front window squawked in protest as I raised it."

It’s the way his memory was expressed (not his recollection of it)... which aroused my suspicion (as to whether this was truly, a firsthand account taken directly from PJ’s transcript).
I doubted that the memory was expressed "in his own words”… to be exact.

It sounded rather…much more likely (to me)… that the memory was actually expressed "in Alisa’s own words”.
That was my point.
It’s a slight difference… but a significant one, nonetheless.

Allow me to explain the significance...

My statement regarding the window was just one tiny example of an overall theme, which I had observed throughout the book.
I could have dug out any number of similar tiny examples.
It just so happens… I chose that one (the window).

The “theme” which I‘m referring to… is that Alisa speaks in the first person on behalf of everyone contained in the book.
That’s certainly not a major tragedy or deal breaker by any means… but nonetheless… an observation worthy of mention in a review.

Based on what I read… I believe this is Alisa Statman’s book.
What I mean specifically:
I believe this is Alisa Statman’s own personal recount (or retelling) of events... based on her research of (and access to) several original Tate sources.
That’s how I would most accurately describe what I (personally) found within the pages.

There’s no denying that Statman DOES speak in the first person… on behalf of ALL the Tate’s found in ths book.
That is not a profound statement… since ALL the Tate’s (who tell their story in this book) are deceased.

If you don’t use original transcripts and writings from the deceased… you most certainly will (by default) HAVE to end-up, with the situation I described (above)… which is... Alisa relating PJ’s memories "in her own words"… "and from her own interpretation"… FOR HIM.
Dead people don’t talk.
That’s not bovine thinking… it’s airtight logic.

PJ did not tell his military friends:
“The front window squawked in protest, as I raised it“. 
Trust me folks… that didn’t happen.
That’s Alisa’s “book rendition” of the account.

This is what PJ actually said to his comrades:
“That f#cking window definitely wasn’t opened the night of the murders guys.  It was sealed tighter than a bull’s ass”. LOL (Or… something to that effect).


All this minutia is DEFINITELY much-a-do about nothing.
Mountains out of molehills, as it were.
I really think the blog world gets bored sometimes, and needs an occasional feud to spice things up.
I mean…
What are we really analyzing to death here?
It’s just a book for cripes sakes. 
How and why, did this subject (and book) become so personal to some folks?

The second thing I’d like to clarify is this:

I have no “base fears or hate” towards Alisa… zero.
This is such an over-exaggeration, it’s really beneath me to respond.
I don’t know Alisa from Adam.

I don’t know if “hate” is being used these days as some kind of new Jerry Springer buzzword… which I’m too old and “out of touch” to understand… but, “hate” only means one thing to me.
I’ve probably hated 2 or 3 people total… in my entire life… and Alisa Statman definitely isn't one of them.
I read her book… and I’ve read a dozen (or so) of her comments on the blogs.
That’s the absolute extent of my knowledge of the woman.
I certainly don’t hate the woman.

I wrote my opinion/review of her book on my blog, which is my prerogative.
My review was not particularly defamatory or harsh, by any means.
No… I probably didn’t enjoy the book quite as much, as some other folks did… but I didn’t hate it either.
That’s life.
I paid for the book. I read it. I gave my opinion of it. It’s over… or, at least it should be.

There isn’t a single book ever written which was liked equally and universally by every reader… not even the Holy Bible.
Why would we expect this book to be different?
If other folks love this book, that’s fine with me.
It seems to me (ironically).. that even the lightest criticism of this book... is not allowed... under any circumstances... and arouses the most "hate".
It seems anyone who doesn't LOVE every aspect of this book, is considered a wretch... a closet gay-basher... and heaven knows what else.
Is that really realistic?

Let's face it... this entire book topic has become completely overblown.

My "Restless Souls" thread was open to the public for several days initially.
In that time… the author of the comment (above) never stopped-by to discuss his opinion with me. 
Now… my words are being taken out of context, after-the-fact at another location?
C’mon folks… let’s be fair about things.
If anyone wants to discuss my commentary (regarding any topic)… please come on down and let's communicate directly and amicably.
That's the most sensible route... and best for everyone concerned.
This kinda stuff is just silly.
I've never deleted any comments posted by the author of this comment.
There's no reason he should feel unwelcome here.

Peace… Lynyrd


PS.. and, as an aside:

I find this whole situation quite ironic... as, I actually did Alisa a BIG favor.

My book review thread was open to the public for several days. 
Ultimately… I closed it down, because the topic (of the thread) was straying from the book itself… into personal opinions of Alisa herself (and her personal business). 
I wanted no part of any personal assessment of Alisa… so, I halted the comments/thread. 
I know my bloggers better than anyone… and the subject (just as elsewhere) was going south quickly. 

Believe me…
I did Alisa a BIG favor by ending that thread. 
I could have entertained a weeklong Alisa “Rib-fest” if that was my goal. 
Like I said… I know my bloggers. 
Lines were being drawn… and believe me… if I left things to destiny... Alisa would have been handed her hat by some of my bloggers. (That’s putting it politely). 
That whirlwind had already begun. 
Without mentioning any names... it would have been two "Pro-Alisa" bloggers outnumbered.
I did the right thing… whether folks believe that or not.

I DO attempt to be fair (to the best of my ability)... given the cards I'm dealt (blogger-wise).
Sometimes.. many times actually... that's difficult.
Every location has a few "wild cards" (bloggers) which are hard to play... and my location is no different.
Sometimes you simply have to take the path of least resistance... out of practicality and necessity.

For the record… my opinion of the whole Statman/Olsen/Debra situation is this:

The entire situation is clearly dysfunctional. 
Who’s at fault for this dysfunctional situation… is none of my business, and way beyond my level of information.  I don’t know any of these folks well enough to pass judgement… so, I won’t. 

I will leave everyone with this apt story though:

When I was a kid… my brothers and I would fight like cats and dogs constantly. 
During some of those feuds… my Mom would just throw up her hands… and thereafter, bring us before my Dad, for some type of mock “tribunal”. LOL

My dad was supposed to “sort it out”.  Decide “who was right”, as it were.

My brother and I, would both explain our case… and look to my Dad for his decision.
Inevitably… my Dad would always say with simplicity, but equally profound insight:
"Eh… one’s as bad as the other.” LOL
Then he’d ruffle his newspaper, and continue reading! Ahahahaha
Something to think about.

Some things are better left "unsorted" by the general public.
I believe this Statman/Olsen/Debra feud is one of them.

Peace Again... Lynyrd

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bob has been added to our staff list.  Bob emailed me, and voiced interest in joining our blog, before it even opened.  In short, he’s been with us since day ONE.  A solid unwavering presence… he’s a major component of the "backbone system" which makes LSB3 tick.  Without Bob... the blog would not be as strong, effective, or interesting.   An all-around support system… Bob has demonstrated unsurpassed longevity, loyalty and friendship.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

  Well folks… It’s been a Year!  Can you believe it?! 
We officially opened Monday, March 14, 2011.

OK… actually, it’s a few days over a year, but who’s counting? LOL 
I want to extend my sincere thanks, to everyone who has visited the blog.  
There’s been so many great contributions and visitors… I can’t possibly mention everyone individually, without leaving someone out.  I’ll just mention those few, who have been with us since Day One… Katie, Bob, Kimchi, Mary and Saint Circumstance!  We’ve come a long way Baby!  And, a special thanks to Starship for his research, friendship and professionalism.  Thanks everyone.  Here’s to another year!!!  I also feel I should mention MattP in some way.  He’s like our “5th administrator”.  Kinda like the “5th Beatle”! LOL  He's always there, when you need him most!  Peace…