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Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Broken Fence

When police officers arrived at the Tate house on the morning of August 9, they noticed damage to the fence bordering the parking lot.

From the Tate Homicide Progress Report:

"Officers noted that the split-rail fence which runs to the north of the garage area was broken, and that scrape marks appeared, on the curb directly in front of the split-rail fence. The scrape marks and the break in the split-rail fence appeared fresh. A search of the undercarriage of Parent's car revealed similar scrape marks and concrete transfer. The rear bumper of the car also showed white paint transfer similar to that as on the split-rail fence."

The picture below shows the parking area of the Tate house. The broken fence is in the background.

Below is a picture showing damage to the fence.

Below is a picture showing Parent’s car in front of the garage and next to cut telephone lines.

The question I have in my mind is how and when did the damage to the fence occur?

Thread submitted by William Weston.