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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ed Sanders… or as Starship likes to say: “That Fug”

This interview was conducted by Harold Channer, on March 23, 1975.  (Video Below) 
Channer is something of a goofball, but Sanders gets into some heavy topics. 
Turn up your volume, the audio is very low. 

Topics of Note:
7:30 -- “Manson was a victim of certain strains of cruelty that exist in American civilization.  He then used those techniques of cruelty onward”.

10:00 -- “The murders uncovered a huge spectrum of things that people wanted to hide. Everything from pornographic movies, to drug dealings, to cultic persuasion as religion…. bad news on all aspects of California life.  Desperate people were interested in keeping things hidden”. 
He expounds on this topic, explaining how this made uncovering facts exceedingly difficult… with lots of dead-ends. 
Example: A man Sanders tracked for some time… (who supposedly delivered drugs to Cielo), was consequently found dead in an automobile trunk.

14:00 -- Manson/Jesus trip.

18:00 -- Sanders dscusses what he calls the “3 strands” which (he believes) led to deterioration: “Devilish lifestyle, Schizophrenia, and hippies/kids being treated shabbily by the police“.

26:45 -- Why was Sharon Tate killed? 
“I originally thought it was a matter of drugs.  I no longer believe that.  Neither do I believe these people were killed for the purpose of setting-up racial Armageddon.  That’s Bugliosi’s contention”.

27:30 -- This transitions the conversation to Bugliosi:
“I reviewed Bugliosi’s book for the Kansas City Star.  Bugliosi could put facts down in a way, that would hold people’s attention.  He wrote the book, just as he speaks in court”. 
Sanders explains that he attended the entire trial.  I wasn’t aware of that fact.
Ed continues:
“Bugliosi’s book contains lots of information that I didn’t have access to, such as Polanski’s lie detector test.  It’s an interesting book”.
However, Sanders concludes by reiterating:
“I don’t agree however, with the book’s contention, that the killings were orchestrated for the purpose of setting-up racial Armageddon… nor, does anybody who really knows the case… including some defense attorneys and law enforcement personnel”.

30:40 -- “The motives and details are historical.  One’s case file is never closed”.

Note: The original interview exceeded one hour. 
I took the liberty of cropping it, as it departs totally from the TLB subject at 31:16. 
The entire interview can be viewed here: