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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Any Dune Buggy Experts?

Nelson writes:

A friend of mine owns a Kyote dune buggy, which had tiger stripes when he originally bought it. He's started to refinish it, but there are still parts of the stripes on it. He found and bought the buggy on a ranch in the desert, and they said it had been there for years. 

Looking at the photos you posted on, he found numerous matching points in the paint and body damage, and he's convinced it's the same Kyote. He's pointed out the matching points on the pics below. Now he's thinking about restoring it like in the pictures.   

Do you know where all those dune buggy photos came from? Where were they impounded?   Who was the person in the black T-shirt in the two pictures in the impound yard?

I'm wondering if the photos they took of the impounded buggies from Inyo County are in a library or an accessible collection some place now.

Thanks, Nelson

Lynyrd Responds:

Thank You Nelson for your letter. 

There does seem to be several similarities between your friend's buggy, and the one in the LSB3 photo.

The photo with the "LSB3" watermark on it, was taken from this thread: 

That thread consisted of several photos, which were taken during the Barker Ranch raid. Kimchi confirms that fact, in the comments section.

If my memory serves me correctly, someone made a video with those same pictures (of the raid). There's an interview with a police officer (who led the raid), on the same video. 

Check Youtube for the video. It's probably titled "Barker Ranch Raid"... or something similar.

If you can locate that video, you might gain more information (by watching it). Also, contact the owner of the video and ask him/her questions. Lastly, read the comments section. You can sometimes find good information in the comments section (of Youtube videos).

As for the photos of the young man in the black t-shirt... I honestly don't recognize them. I'm not even sure if they're from the LSB3 blog. (If someone could locate those photos on the blog for us, that would be helpful).

Beyond that Nelson, I have no further information. Unfortunately, I know nothing about dune buggies specifically.

Hopefully, our readers will add some information (in the comments section), which may prove helpful to you.

My Best Regards,


I found the video. It's on Kimchi's Youtube channel. The "tiger stripe" buggy is shown at 8 minutes, 56 seconds. The second half of the video, is an interview with Officer James L. Pursell. The film is silent (no audio) until Pursell is interviewed (at about 18 minutes in).

I don't think Kimchi created that video herself, though. There should be other copies floating around. 

If we can locate the person who originally created that video, we could ask them questions... and possibly gain useful information about the photos, the buggies themselves, and their original impound location.