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Friday, March 9, 2012

Debra Tate's Second Statement (Revised)

I’ve decided to collapse this thread, for two reasons.

#1) It’s too damn long… and quite frankly, I’m tired of looking at it.

#2) After reading all the commentary surrounding this topic, it’s become abundantly clear to me, that this ordeal, is a long-standing situation between Alisa Statman, Robin Olsen and Debra Tate… which started long before this book, was ever released
This longstanding situation is none of my business, or my bloggers’ business. 
It’s really no one’s business but theirs.  None of us could ever unravel this ordeal (beyond pure conjecture), without knowing all of them (Alisa, Robin and Debra) personally.  And THAT my friends… (as you well know)… ain’t never gonna happen.  Moreover… even if that were possible (i.e., knowing them all personally)… it would be in bad taste to involve ourselves in their business, to that extent anyway.   If anyone cares to pass judgment on any of these folks, based on second-hand account… they can count me out.

If anyone wants to view this document (Debra Statement II ) further, it can still be seen at its original resting place here:  Debra Tate Statement II


I have only two general thoughts on this whole ordeal:

#1) I highly doubt, that Sharon would want to see her own sister (Debra) constantly derailed by strangers on blogs.   That sentiment was expressed by an insightful blogger named “Danielle” at Liz’s place… and I agree completely.   It’s a sentiment, which is difficult to argue.

#2) It seems to me, that Alisa would have saved herself much grief, if she had simply featured Debra in the book … or, at a minimum… displayed a few photos of Debra.  I doubt including Debra in the book, could have hurt anything… including sales.  It seems to me, (again)… that Sharon would have wanted that (i.e., Debra to be included in the book).   All things being equal, it’s the right thing to do. 
   I hasten to add… that Debra (for all I know), may have sued Alisa for displaying a single photo of her in the book. LOL   That’s the point.   We just don’t know all the details… and we can’t know.  Which brings me back to square one.   We shouldn’t judge, or get involved.   We can only speculate… and weigh second-hand account… which is a waste of time, distasteful… and moreover, none of our business.   “It is, what it is“.  
Read the book… enjoy it… and move on.   If Debra writes a book… read that one too.


For the record… my thoughts on the never-ending topic of “Debra”:

I'm very well-versed on all the negativity that has been written regarding Debra Tate over the years.  I could relate every "Debra" insult and accusation verbatim.  I'm certainly not in the dark.  I was there, when Debra was ridiculed for hiring a professional model to wear Sharon’s clothes.  I was there for the infamous "Dig" (for more bodies)... which lasted like 4 hours… and yielded a 5x5 hole... about 2 feet deep. LOL  (That’s not to say, the premature culmination of that “Dig” was Debra’s fault or decision).  I was also there, when Debra described Roman's sex with Samantha Geimer as "consensual"... and on, and on.  That last one, was pretty outlandish.

But yet... in reality... I don't know Debra Tate from a hole in the wall.  I've never spent a minute of my time with her... or communicated with her directly.  That's why, I keep my mouth shut, and don’t participate in these gang-style, witch hunt, bash sessions.  If only the folks who truly know Debra (personally), participated in these "mass bashings", there'd be 3 people in attendance… if that.

Debra may, in fact, be the worst bitch that ever lived.   I have no idea.  I simply have a hard time mustering-up a burning hate for anyone that I've never met... based purely on the hate described by others… and secondhand reports.

What I have here, (in Debra) is a very peculiar woman... who evidently wasn't able to "part" with her father (after all that's happened to her)... and hence… retains his ashes... much to the besmirch of her relatives and friends. 
It's certainly very strange... but, it doesn't arouse a whole lot of hate from me. 
It’s her father… not mine… and hence, not my business.  Keith Richards once stated that he "snorted" his father's remains. LOL  It’s all “relative”. (pun intended)

Debra has never wronged me personally.  I wish Debra the Best… and if she really IS bat-shit crazy… I hope she gets the help she needs, and finds peace. 

Peace... Lynyrd

The Three Sisters, in a Happier Time.
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