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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

William writes:

Crime Scene Discrepancies

Ed Sanders in his book The Family said that there were considerable discrepancies between the crime scene described by Tex, Linda, Susan, and Katie and what the police found in the morning.

1. Face towel over the head of Jay Sebring. Susan Atkins gave long detailed accounts to anybody who would listen about every aspect of the crime, yet neither she nor evidently the others tucked a face towel over the head of Sebring.

2. The rope extending from Sharon Tate to Jay Sebring. According to Atkins, Sharon stood and moved around the room, yet she did not mention anyone fixing the rope.

3. The steamer trunks in the living room. Located by the hall door they were knocked over during the night. There was a stain of blood on both trunks. It was Sebring’s blood, yet the killers said he was shot, stabbed and killed in one spot and never moved.

4. The glasses. Belonging to a severely myopic person, they were near the steamer trunks face down with the ear frames sticking up.

5. Two large pools of blood on the front porch. The one to the left of the door mat was Sharon Tate’s. The other one on the north edge of the porch was Sebring’s. Yet according to Linda, Susan, and Katie neither Tate nor Sebring ever left the house.

6. Spatters of blood from Sharon in the front hall and on the door sill. While the four perpetrators were on the estate, Sharon was never in the hall.

The above discrepancies show that a second entry was made into the house. According to Sanders, Manson told a lawyer at the trial that he and a companion returned to the scene of the crime “to see what my children did.”

Best wishes,

William Weston