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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Charles Manson Unplugged Volume 1 
Organizing my discs the other night, I came across this and I thought maybe some of you might not have heard it before.  It's a Disc from the September 11,1967 Sessions.  
It has a very clean sound, compared to other copies I've heard over the years... and it's very hard to find these Days.  It currently goes for over a Hundred Dollars on Amazon.  
It went out of print very quickly after its release, which is probably why it goes for so much online.  I think I got this copy in a trade with Adam Gorightly years ago.
I have the other Two Volumes, but I'd have to work on them a bit before posting them, because the sound is not up to the same quality as Volume 1.
Styx has posted most (if not all of these tracks) on YouTube... but this is the complete album in one big file.  The record company wasn't very generous.  The entire CD, is only about a half hour long.
From an online review: 
This cd is worth having simply for its candid historical value, particularly in light of the fact that these recordings have been unavailable (in fact, not really known to have existed) until just recently.  Recorded two years before his twisted family did its ultimate acts, it has a remarkably clean production. It does not sound like some old Sabbath bootleg from '71, but rather like it was recorded yesterday. I understand that this is quite a step up from the various bootlegs of Manson that have been floating around for years as well.