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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Geraldo discusses his 1988 "Manson Interview"
on "The O'Reilly Factor"  tv program

If Only Geraldo Rivera Wore A Hoodie To His Charles Manson Interview!
Posted by Ellen - April 07, 2012 

Geraldo Rivera visited The O’Reilly Factor last night to reminisce about an interview he did with Charles Manson in 1988. Apparently, Rivera didn’t wear a hoodie to the interview. Can there be any doubt that that’s why Manson threatened to send Rivera’s head to his wife “in a basket?” But have no fear. Hoodie or not, Rivera said he threatened to have Manson set on fire. And then boasted about it on The Factor last night.

The pretext for the walk down Manson Memory Lane was the fact that he’s up for parole – even though nobody, including Manson, thinks he’ll get it. But that was enough of an excuse to replay parts of Rivera’s old interview and then beat his chest about Manson.

After Rivera announced he wished Manson had been executed, he relayed the “funny thing” that happened when Manson said that if he didn’t like how the interview turned out, he’d have Rivera’s “head handed to your wife in a basket.”

But, Rivera, assured the Factor viewers, he gave as good as he got. Rivera told us he said, “’Charlie, If anything happens to me, I’m going to have the Mexicans in here, light you on fire again.’ Because he had joined the Aryan Nations and some Mexican guys took some lighter fluid and a Zippo lighter and sprayed him and burned him. So I threatened him right back!”  Classy!

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