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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Researched by Katie and Beauders

Charlene Marie Lawley (maiden name) married Carter Detre Cafritz on May 27, 1966.
Carter’s parents were Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz, a prominent power couple, both politically and socially, in Washington, DC.

In his book “The Family”, Ed Sanders mentions Manson meeting a young lady named Charlene Cafritz, in the summer of 1968 at Dennis Wilson’s beach home.  Charlene met Wilson through Cass Elliot, and became one of Wilson's girlfriends.

In December of 1968, Manson and 3 girls drove to an exclusive dude ranch near Reno, Nevada, where they spent 2 weeks as Charlene‘s guests.

At the time of Charlie’s visit to Reno, Charlene was getting her divorce finalized.  According to Sanders, her settlement figure was around $2,000,000.  However, I’ve read that it was a cash settlement of $130,000 plus $20,000 a year, some antiques and 4 thoroughbred race horses.  Carter retained custody of their baby.

Evidently, Charlie’s “double-talk voodoo” worked on Charlene too.  Manson supposedly told Charlene to buy him a blue Fleetwood Cadillac.  She screwed up and bought a fire-engine red Cadillac and he told her to take it back.  Manson was instrumental in squandering any money she had.

Charlene is reported to have taken lots of “home movies” of Manson & the girls in Reno, which, if they exist, seem to have vanished.  Charlene reportedly knew Sharon Tate and Terry Melcher, and rumor has it that she attended Sharon’s funeral.

The police learned of Cafritz during the TLB murder investigation, from Gregg Jakobson.  They had a hard time finding her, but eventually found her at St. Elizabeth mental hospital in Washington, DC.  She was a heroin addict and was arrested on December 19, 1969 for trying to sell 14 capsules of heroin to an undercover police officer.  On April 14, 1970 she was indicted for the offense.

On August 11, 1970 she telephoned Spahn’s Ranch… probably talked to Gypsy, and told her she was going to give them some money for their defense.  On September 4, 1970 Charlene supposedly died from a suspected overdose of Nembutal.  She is reported to be buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Washington, DC.

Some think she faked her death… some think she went into hiding.  Could it be that the Cafritz family, embarrassed by her behavior, did a massive cover up?  I could find no photos of Charlene Cafritz anywhere.

Her niece, Julia Cafritz, was a member of the somewhat successful noise band Pussy Galore… she then started the band Free Kitten.  She later got a degree in teaching.

Gwendolyn Cafritz (Charlene’s mother-in-law) was beaten and robbed at gunpoint of thousands of dollars in jewelry & cash, twice during home invasions.  She dropped out of society life in the 70’s, claiming poor health.  But… was she connecting the robberies to Charlene’s friendship with the Manson Family?
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Is there any connection with Charlene to Leno LaBianca because of the race horses??  Does anyone have any additional info on Charlene Cafritz?

Beauders’ sources: Gorightly, Sanders, and Levenda's "Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft: The Manson Secret."
Katie’s sources:, Ed Sanders
Thanks Katie and Beauders!!!!!
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