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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Girl Sadie Mae Glutz had a Wild Imagination!

From Helter Skelter, Pages 488 & 489:
According to Virginia, a few days after Susan Atkins told her about the Hinman, Tate and LaBianca murders – probably on November 8 or 9, 1969 – Susan had walked over to Virginia’s bed at Sybil Brand and begun leafing through a movie magazine.  It reminded her, Susan said, about some other murders she had been planning.

She had decided to kill Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Susan matter-of-factly stated. 
She was going to heat a knife red-hot and put it against the side of Elizabeth Taylor’s face.  This was more or less to leave her mark.  Then she’d carve the words “helter skelter” on her forehead.  After which, she was going to gouge her eyes out – Charlie had shown her how.
Then, Susan continued, she would castrate Burton, placing his penis, as well as Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, in a bottle.  “And dig this, would you!” Susan laughed.  “And then I’d mail it to Eddie Fisher!”
As for Tom Jones, another of her intended victims, she planned to force him to have sex with her at knife point, and then, just as he was climaxing, she would slit his throat.

Steve McQueen was also on the list, but before Susan could explain what she had in mind for McQueen, Virginia interrupted, saying “Sadie, you can’t just walk up to these people and kill them!”

That would be no problem, Susan said.  It was easy to find out where they lived.  Then she’d simply creepy-crawl them, “just like I did to Tate”.

She had something choice for Frank Sinatra, Susan continued. 
She knew that Frank liked girls.  She’d just walk up to his door and knock.  Her friends, she said, would be waiting outside.  Once inside, they’d hang Sinatra upside down, then, while his own music was playing, skin him alive.  After which they’d make purses out of the skin and sell them to hippie shops, “so everyone would have a little piece of Frank.”