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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catherine Share in Her Own Words.

From my first memories, being hidden from the Nazis in France, all I can remember is fear, loneliness and confusion. I was born in the middle of the worst holocaust ever known, and I was born with Jewish blood.

My father was a Freedom Fighter in the French underground and both my parents died in the war. My Grandmother on my mother’s side died in a Ghetto in Eastern Europe and both my grandparents on my father’s side died in concentration camps. My father made arrangements with a French lawyer who was secretly helping the underground to take me out of what he considered Fascist France (French authorities had helped the Germans deport and kill most of the French Jews).

When the war was over, he did just that. He found a wonderful woman to adopt me. She was a left wing cause fighter with a heart as big and giving as any person I have ever known.

I saw a different part of life than most kids. She married a Hollywood psychologist and gave me a loving family for many years. I saw first hand the repression of the Un-American Activities Committee and fought for such causes as ban the atom bomb and civil rights - along with a lot of loving and some very famous people.

This rich and loving life came crashing down when my adoptive mother died of cancer and my step-father changed and rejected me at the tender age of sixteen.

I entered in ‘the sixties’ completely alone in this world, wounded, and looking for someone to love me and tell me the truth. I tried just about everything to fill the empty gaping wound in my soul. I became addicted to anything that would temporarily stop the pain of loneliness and rejection - including food, marijuana, sex and LSD (which completely destroyed my mind and made me like a little child for many years). I was the Hippie of hippies and The ‘flower child’.

I thought I had found peace at last but I was still searching for the truth and the truth giver. No family, I wandered around in a false euphoria of drugs and ‘relationships’.

I was a prime target for Charlie and his now infamous ‘Family’. I came to the Family through a boyfriend, Bobby Beausoleil and when I met Charlie he seemed to have all the answers. My wounded soul drank in all the attention he bestowed on me. He was all things to all people and for me he became the revolutionary leader, the loving and free one that could free me from my pain and fear. Night after night and day after day I listened to him and he became my truth giver and the closest thing to Christ I had ever experienced. A true angel of light! But it was a false light; like a moth goes to a light bulb and destroys itself, thinking it is the sun it is flying into.

I was so convinced that he had all the answers and that he was Jesus Christ personified that I convincingly told many ‘Family’ members that he was. Since I believed it with all my heart, they believed me. In the process I pulled Leslie Van Houten and Linda Kasabian into the family; a fact that still grieves me to this day. I also looked the owner of this Web Site in the face, Dennis Rice, and told him that Charlie was Christ. We were all looking for God and truth and we were all deceived.

There was never any talk of murder or any kind of violence really. To me it was a dream come true. I had the family I had never had, validation…and the attention I so desperately craved. I believed we would all survive the coming holocaust together and save all the little children who would be crying on street corners in the burning cities. This appealed to my motherly instincts.

Ever so slowly, things began to change. I was the oldest besides Charlie and I had a lot of fears that he constantly was ‘working on’. I also had lots of unresolved issued that caused me to overeat, something I had done off and on most of my life. This caused Charlie to leave me out of a lot of the ‘more advanced’ training sessions, that I actually only learned about after reading Charles Watson’s book. The bottom line is that I was left out of the murders.