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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Candice Bergen and Angela Lansbury, in the News
The women are starring together these days on Broadway , in an acclaimed revival of Gore Vidal's play "The Best Man," about a deadlocked presidential convention.
Candice Bergen, famed daughter of Edgar Bergen, gifted ventriloquist, and one of the stars of the new Broadway hit “The Best Man”, spoke today on CBS This Morning.
As you know, Candice was living at Cielo Drive with Terry Melcher until December of 1968 before Sharon & Roman moved in around February 1969, and Candice was also an attendee at Sharon & Roman’s wedding in London.  She definitely knew them.  After the murders, and when it was found that the Manson family killed the people at Cielo Drive, Candice yelled at Terry Melcher “that could have been me!!!”  Shortly after, they broke up.  (Guess why?)  Here's the clip of Sharon & Roman's wedding.  It shows Candice Bergen with Michael Caine at around 1:00.
Also, Angela Lansbury let her daughter, Deirdre, travel with Charlie Manson’s family, even giving her daughter a note that it was okay, since Deirdre was underage.  Deirdre later introduced her friend Nancy Pitman to Charlie Manson.  Gotta wonder if Candice and Angela ever commiserate about what happened in 1969 at Cielo Drive.
Submitted by Katie!  Thanks Katie!