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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cami Sebring

Cami Sebring was born in 1943, her birth name was Bonnie.  As a teenager, she moved to California.  While attending high school, she was discovered by a modeling agency and talent scouts for movies.  

According to  her high school pal Carrie White (who became a famous Hollywood hairstylist), Cami met Jay Sebring while still in high school.  She showed up at school one day with a hairdo that all the girls loved and Cami told them that Jay had styled her hair.  According to a Cami interview I read quite a while ago, Cami and Jay were married a month after they met.  Supposedly Jay gave her the name Cami.  They separated just before their 3rd anniversary and their divorce was finalized a year and a half later.  

I've had contact with someone who knows Cami and she told me that Cami has never said a bad thing about Jay.  She just said that they grew apart and decided to get a divorce and remain friends.  This friend told me that Cami learned how to cut hair from Jay... and has been known to style her friends' hair.

Standing only 5'3' tall and weighing only 103 lbs., Cami wasn't a runway type of model, but her gorgeous face was definitely considered to be perfect for cosmetic ads.   

Cami modeled for Revlon, among other companies.  Here's a photo of her from a Revlon Ad:.
Walt Disney spotted her photo in a magazine and chose her to appear in his film "The Gnome-Mobile," playing a female gnome named "Violet."

(NOTE:  unless specified otherwise, photos are from 1966 to 1967)

Here's a photo of her from the movie:
Here are a couple publicity photos taken during her Disney days:
 Another publicity photo:
This is from an Esquire magazine photo spread, the first color photo is the first page and the 2nd color photo is the last page.  (I have this magazine): 
Here she is in a bikini from a LIFE magazine photo shoot (I have this magazine):
Here she is as a blonde:
I've always thought that he and Sharon resembled each other.  Look at Sharon in "The Wrecking Crew" with the dark hair, there are lots of similarities.  According to something I read quite a while ago, Cami and Sharon never met.  They knew some of the same people.  

Sharon had posed with Linda Kaye Henning when she was supposed to be in "Petticoat Junction" (Linda played "Betty Jo").  Here's Cami with Linda Kaye and other starlets, Cami is in the middle of the top row, Linda Kaye is next to her.  
Here's Sharon (on the right) with Linda Kaye, in the middle (circa 1963):
Cami made a few TV appearances, but as far as I know, her last appearance was in an episode of "Quincy, M.E." in 1980.  Here she is, playing a nurse:
Here's a lovely photo of Cami taken by famed photographer, Harry Langdon (not sure when this was taken):
Cami was married (again) briefly in the late 1960's.

Here's a weird bit of trivia:
On the day that Roman Polanski fled the U.S., he stopped at a restaurant and had breakfast.  Who was his waitress?  Cami's Mom!!  She mentioned her connection... Roman hugged her... and they chatted about Jay.

Now, I know that there could be snide comments about the fact that she was young when she and Jay were married.  Keep in mind that it was common then!  I have several female relatives who were married as teenagers in the 1950's and 1960's and their husbands were well into their 20's (if not older).  It was pretty common to marry a guy who had an established career so the little woman could stay home and be a housewife.

Cami will be appearing in the upcoming Jay documentary.... 

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